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Turns out all the animosity that Chuck felt going into the fight with Wanderlei Silva wasn’t towards Wand himself, but rather jackhole Pride fans:

“I never had anything against Wanderlei, but it was those Pride fans who got me,” Liddell said. “They’re getting on me about not fighting the guy. I’m like, ‘I’m in UFC and he’s in Pride. What do you want me to do?’ I would have fought him in a backyard if I could have.”

I wouldn’t have minded that, especially if a backyard fight meant going until one of them was done. Dana White said he made the Hughes/St Pierre fight an interim fight and therefore 5 rounds because he didn’t want to see it go to a 3 round decision. Well, it’s too bad he couldn’t do the same with this fight, because while it was a great match regardless and everyone saw the writing on the wall for Wanderlei, I would have loved to see this one go another 10 minutes (if it would have).

So how great was this fight? It’s another fight that was carried by the anticipation and connections we brought into the fight with us. Just like Couture/Sylvia wasn’t that exciting if you removed it’s context, the same could be said for this fight. Chuck and Wand felt eachother out for half of the first two rounds. It reminded me of a stripper taking her time removing her top in the champaigne room. Goddamn it bitch, just take your clothes off and stick your clam in my face already! When strip club songs last all of three minutes, there’s no time for foreplay or feeling out!

Unlike most people, I’m not gonna say either fighter is anywhere close to being done. Chuck and Wand probably have a good 2-3 years left in the UFC, and I don’t doubt that we could be seeing them face off again in that time. Let’s just hope there’s a belt on the line so it lasts longer.

I said it during the radio show: I’m tired of sucking Steve Cofield’s balls all the time, but damnit … he shows you what a good reporter with solid MMA knowledge and legitimate press credentials can do. The latest example of this is a one on one interview with Dana White right after UFC79. Go here to listen to the full 10 minute audio, but here’s the bit that interested me the most:

“Couture is still the heavyweight champion, he’s going to have to honor his contract or retire. And I expect him to honor it, he’s Captain America, he’s an honorable guy. He’s took over a half a million dollars in signing money and he’s got two fights with me. So this is in the lawyer’s hands now and we’ll see what happens.”

Yeah, I know … the title of this post made everything sound a lot more positive than the actual quote. Basically it sounds like Randy is remaining the champion for legal reasons more than any other reason … as Fedor revealed in an interview, being a champion in the UFC kinda sucks because it locks you into a bunch of way more restrictive clauses as to what you can or can’t do. So long as Randy’s the champion, they’ve got him in a full nelson tighter than the one Rich Clementi threw on Melvin Guillard.

No one hates shoddy ‘mainstream’ media more than me and Luke from Bloody Elbow. Except perhaps Steve Cofield from Fox Sports Radio, who is part of the mainstream media himself. He took the time to make a special post lambasting the fucking retards who got into the event under the designation of press who obviously didn’t know shit about anything:

Early in the conference, he yells at Dana White asking why Big John didn’t ref a fight? He followed that up minutes later by cutting off someone else asking a question. He did ask a decent question to Liddell after that but it was used as comic relief for Dana White and Liddell.

No confirmation that it was the same guy, but later in the conference-someone asked Dean Lister how the knee to the face and DQ win felt? One problem, that was James Irvin. White didn’t let the “media” member slide on this gaff.

I know as a fact that there’s tons of people getting press creds who at best are MMA webmasters sneaking through the ‘backdoor’ with fake references, and at worse are just friends of the guy who runs the local AM radio station or regional paper.

I’d suggest that the UFC should try harder to weed out all the bullshit, but it’d probably just be easier to screen the fucking questions before they’re asked. Of course, then you’ve only got Papa Dana answering only the questions he wants to hear. So I guess we just gotta look at stupid Sherdog Radio quality questions as the price we pay for press freedom. Because FREEDOM’S NOT FREE, DON’T YOU KNOW???

Randy Couture used to be the man when it came to picking the winners on any given UFC card. Up to UFC 76 he was sporting an impressive 15-4 prediction rate, and most of his wrong picks were huge upsets like Kongo / CroCop. That, however, was before he turned into an asshole who can’t seem to get anything in his life right.

Around the same time Randy picked retirement over a fight with Big Nog, he also started picking some pretty weird fighters to win some pretty obvious fights. For UFC77 he went 3-3 including a bet on Jason MacDonald to beat Yushin Okami. While I’m a Big Mac fan myself, I wouldn’t have put a smelly quarter I stole from a sleeping beggar’s hat down on him.

He skipped UFC 78 … guess he was too busy doing press conferences and being generally surly to make his picks. But he was back in action for last night’s UFC and here were his picks:

UFC Interim Welterweight Championship Georges St. Pierre vs. Matt Hughes – ST. PIERRE
Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva – SILVA
Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou vs. Lyoto Machida – SOKOUDJOU
Eddie Sanchez vs. Soa Palalei – PALALEI
Melvin Guillard vs. Rich Clementi – GUILLARD

If you’re still too gummy and hung over to count that up for yourself, let me make it easy for you: he went 1-4. The only fight he managed to pick correctly was GSP vs Hughes, which was about the most obvious fight of the bunch (unless you’re one of the 52% who text messaged into the UFC poll last night – haha, you guys are retards).

All jokes of Randy having a voodoo life curse aside, I think the main problem is that he’s in too political of a position now to make the picks that he really wants to make. When you’re training half the fucking MMA fighters in Vegas, you can’t really make a prediction on The Fight Network that one of them is going to lose. While I don’t think anyone other than Silva had the official ‘Team Couture’ title, it wouldn’t surprise me if Guillard and Palalei dropped into the gym a few times during their camp.

**CORRECTION** I had initially listed Couture as picking CroCop over Gonzaga, which is incorrect – everyone made a big deal of the fact that Randy was right about Gonzaga. What I meant to say was Couture picked CroCop over Kongo. I dunno what’s wrong with my brain today, but here’s hoping it clears up before my reputation as a moron is cemented.

Burps, farts, slurs, and more are what awaits you guys if you tune into our UFC 79 Live post event radio show. We break down the entire UFC79 card, as well as the whole Matt Hughes vs Tim Sylvia thing and why Sherdog apparently hates us. One hour of pontification on the UFC and everything surrounding it. And don’t worry … no IFL talk allowed!

Download the show here. That’s about the only way you can hear it because Talkshoe fucking sucks and keeps timing out on the upload. Fuck, talkshoe sucks and tommorow I’m gonna figure out how to get off it because it’s crap.

Relive the fun, the love, the feelings, the farts. Check it out!

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