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Okay, it’s 1:30 in the fucking morning and there’s no K1 Dynamite on. Word in the Osaka dome is that there’s technical difficulties and the show is being delayed THREE FUCKING HOURS. How that’s even possible and how they’re able to do this, I have no idea. That’s just how they roll in Japan I guess. If this was America, there’d have been riots or some shit. But over in Osaka there’s probably nothing but a bunch of polite people behaving themselves and flashing peace signs at eachother non-stop like the goddamn Otaku scum they are.

Anyways, while we wait I wanted to put up an interesting picture of the 4 kids from the Under 18 kickboxing tournament that’s going on at Dynamite. Call me old fashioned, but I still find it weird that these kids are gonna be beating the shit out of eachother on a major card like this. The idea gives me the same kinda feeling I get whenever I see women voting or driving or not wearing shawls. Of course, Allah will punish them in the afterlife with coals on their stomachs and swords through their eyes. Such is the fate of all whores of Babylon. But What Would Allah Do regarding under 18 kickboxing? I must go consult my texts on this.

**UPDATE** We’ve got live results coming from euthyphro who’s at the show going on in this thread. Don’t go in unless you want to know the results!

Well, I’ll be up all night tonight watching Japanese MMA, and while I won’t be liveblogging it with the same vigor as I was for the UFC show, I’ll have a live post going with all the results and information. I’ll probably also jump in on the chat too. Just be forewarned though : I’m basically using duct tape and shit to get these events so if things fall apart, I’m just going to go to bed and watch everything tomorrow.

For those of you who didn’t know, K1 Dynamite airs at 1AM EST and Yarennoka airs at 6AM EST. My understanding is that there’s some kind of overlap in reality so they can show the Fedor and Akiyama fight on both shows, but that’s the order they appear on television and that’s how I’m gonna report them.

**UPDATE** Apparently I’m not the only one running shit using duct tape. Word from Japan is the K1 show will be delayed THREE HOURS due to technical issues. I’ll update in 20 minutes with confirmation (at 1:30 EST).

Xyience was gone. Premiere Fighter was in. Clock was sponsored by that god awful watch company, and Goldberg was wearing one the whole time that looked more like a shackle than a timepiece. Last but not least … LUMBER LIQUIDATORS? Did I see that correctly? And they weren’t even in one of the weird sides, they got their logo right in one of the fighter’s corners.

I know Dana claims he’s just fine without big name sponsors, but it’s kinda lame to see rinky dink sponsors making their way onto the mat and into Goldberg’s commentary. Nice score on the Harley Davidson sponsorship too … that’s a good fit if I’ve ever seen one. Ditto with Rambo. Heroes don’t die … they just reload!

Sure, it’s after the fact, which means it’s kinda like getting sent a picture of a girl’s boobs after she’s already given you one of those tricky boob-squeeze penis-job thingies (what the hell are those called?). But it’s still hella sweet work, and it’s always nice to see that some of our readers have talents outside of being good at making children cry. This was done by regular reader and commenter Vee. Check out his site for more great artwork.

If a picture says a thousand words, how many words does an animated gif say? To me it says one: [email protected]!

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