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Remember back in November we wrote about Luke Cummo inviting people over to his apartment to ‘purge’ them? Well, none other than agent extrordinaire Ken Pavia has taken Luke up on his offer and is blogging the experience for MMAJunkie:

Luke picks me up, and we start right away. He hands me a hot “tea” in a jar and directs me to drink. Now, we have all heard the rumors about him drinking urine, but I am down for the cause — short of urine.

The tea was actually very good, and I am told it is to hydrate my blood and begin the process. We went back to his triplex and proceeded to choke down earthy-tasting herbs, wrap castor-oil packs with cellophane and hot water bottles around our bodies, and then drink vinegar with more herbs and lemon. I was told in a few days this would flush countless stones out of my gall bladder, and that sounded kind of cool.

It should be interesting to see what other retarded shit these guys do over the course of the next 12 days. I’m not an expert on the subject of nutrition but Jake is, so perhaps he’ll read this stuff over and point out all the medically incorrect things they’re doing. While there’s nothing wrong with eating better, the concept of purges and fasting is generally considered to be flawed by anyone with a proper medical background (who doesn’t do a lot of acid).

The Pav says he’s off to do some MMA training too … no word yet on if he’ll keep doing that once he develops brutal diarrhea. The idea of him sharting all over Matt Serra’s BJJ school entertains me to no end.

Right around New Years eve, the MMA community is hit with the strange urge to write non-stop top ten lists. Top ten fighters of the year. Top ten matches, submissions, knockouts, blah blah blah. Why ten? Most lists are pretty strong up til #5, and then they’re just kinda lame. Are you all such slaves to David Letterman’s golden standard? I’d promise I’ll never write a top ten list but there is a chance that one day I might. But I do promise that the list will only be as long as it should, and if it happens to be a list of 10 that’s just a coincidence.

Anyways, enough hating on the number 10. The first good list I’ve seen so far this year is Cage Potato’s Top 10 cauliflower ears. As mentioned above, there’s really only 5 or 6 really good ones, and they were a bit lazy on finding good pictures of the guy’s ears. But the article is definately worth looking at just to go eeeew. My personal favorites are Frank Trigg’s meat curtains and Frankie Edgar’s severed ear.

Most MMA sites don’t take the time to do anything but post breaking news and generic analysis of breaking news. It’s pretty rare that we get an article that delves into the history of the sport. Well, rare outside of Sherdog, and most of the time they’re just way too holier-than-thou for me. Well, today we’ve got a good article on fights that never happened by MMA on Tap. It goes over a number of high profile matches that nearly occurred but got iced because of injuries. The list included:

  • Evan Tanner vs Jeremy Horn (UFC 59)
  • Matt Hughes vs Karo Parisyan (UFC 56)
  • Rich Franklin vs Matt Lindland (UFC 56)
  • Patrick Cote vs Lee Murray (UFC 52)
  • Ken Shamrock vs Ian Freeman (UFC 43)
  • Evan Tanner vs Vladimir Matyushenko (UFC 38)
  • Tito Ortiz vs Vitor Belfort (UFC 33)
  • Randy Couture vs Mark Coleman (UFC 17)

Of course, the Franklin / Lindland fight has become something of a legend as it feeds people’s opinions that a) the UFC cares more about entertainment than skill and b) the UFC protects it’s champions from boring / dangerous fighters. I never knew about the Couture / Coleman fight, and as much as I shat on the idea of this fight now, it would have been pretty awesome to get into a time machine and check that out.

Last night Kevin Iole printed a letter from a reader that said that Matt Lindland had signed with HDnet, and implied that Matt was an HDNet fighter now. At first, I was flabbergasted : Kevin Iole was breaking news that didn’t drip from the tip of Dana White’s penis? That’s unpossible! And unpossible it was, as I got an email from HDNet marketing’s Megan Magana (hot???) saying this:

Just wanted to clarify something I read today on your site. Mr. Lindland signed with HDNet Fights to broadcast.

That mirrors what one of our readers said as well: Matt didn’t sign to fight with HDNet, he made a deal to show his Sportfight promotion’s events on HDNet. ‘To broadcast’ might also mean commentary or other stuff too.

Now, we’re not perfect at Fightlinker. As fight ‘linkers’ and not fight ‘reporters’, we put the burden of being correct on other websites that we reference. Some would say we’re passing the buck and they would be absolutely correct! But hey … as time goes on we learn pretty quickly who can or can’t be trusted, and while we knew that everything coming from Kevin Iole’s computer had a taint to it, we’re amazed that he would print something that implied Lindland was fighting for HDNet when he’s not.

So at this point we are officially putting Kevin Iole on our blacklist: there is nothing he can report that we will print as fact without a big asterisk beside it saying “WARNING: Kevin Iole is at best an irresponsible source with clear conflict of interest issues, and at worse an incompetent no fact checking douche. Take whatever he says with the world’s largest grain of salt.”

Mike over at Bloody Elbow points out that it looks like the UFC is choosing HD DVD over the Blu Ray technology. If you didn’t know, the HD and Blu Ray technologies are locked in a battle to be the next big tech thing. The world hasn’t witnessed a battle like this since 8-track vs Cassette tape or VHS vs Betamax.

Of course, it doesn’t really matter who wins because if you ask me, neither of these dumb fucking things are ever going to really take off. Regardless of how you package it, disc technology has moved way past practical and is just utter bullshit now.

CDs were bad enough for scratching and skipping … then they came out with DVDs – the concept being instead of 1 highly scratchable layer, they now have several! And both these new technologies hold even more info on even more layers, meaning the second you put one of the discs on top of your television it’s gonna get dirty, scratched, and stop working.

I’m all about data storage, and while that might not seem like a viable option, I’m betting it will be in five more years. You wait and see. Until then, if you want to spend 400 bucks on one of these new HD or Blu Ray players, go ahead and have fun. Me, I’d rather just burn the money on hookers and blow. Same thing, except I guess you have a slightly better chance of catching herpes from a hooker than from a blu ray player.

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