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Matt Hamill got screwed in London, and not the way he like to be screwed. He also got screwed when the UFC booked Evans / Bisping. And when Bisping moved down to middleweight without a rematch. Both times, not the way Hamill liked to be screwed. How does Matt like to be screwed? Well, why ask me when he can tell you himself!

Yeah, there’s not many guys who ain’t down with the cool kind of threesome. However, I’m always amazed when people put this kinda stuff up in plain view, especially when they’re pseudo-celebrities. Considering Matt didn’t even tell his family he was going on The Ultimate Fighter, you’d think he’d be a little bit better at keeping secrets.

**UPDATE** How can i forget to give credit where credit is due. Thanks to jackal Atom for making us aware of this! You da man!

Over at, Evan isn’t all that happy that everyone’s attributing his success to genetics rather than good ol’fashioned elbow grease:

One thing I’ve heard consistently is how lucky I am to have such great genetics, how blessed I am, as if that is it and that’s all. All of my hard work dismissed so easily with that statement “You’re so lucky to have good genetics.” Of course I have good genetics, but that’s not the total answer. What some people fail to recognize is the total dedication, the nearly obsessive committment to reaching my goal.

Those who make statement fail to recognize the fact that I workout up to four times a day, any single one of those workouts being far more intense than any singe workout most people with do their entire lives. They fail to acknowledge the incredibly strict diet, 85% to 95% raw organic foods. The fact that I’ve made it a point to be active my entire life, or the fact that I’ve studied nutrition, and physiological performance for over twenty years, and have applied that knowledge.

I know what you mean, Evan. Some people tell me “God, you’re funny!” And I say “God has nothing to do with it you motherfucker!” and I smash their fucking teeth in with one of those glass bottles of Frutopia. Then as they lay there on the ground bleeding, I ask “Do you think God likes that, you cunt?”

People are such pricks. I hate them all. At least Evan knows where it’s at.


MMA Magazine Review: Elite Fighter
Issue Reviewed: January 2008
Rating: 5/10

This magazine reads like a bad Maxim knockoff with a few MMA-related articles stuck in as an afterthought. Okay, that might seem a bit harsh, but I’m pretty annoyed at the amount of unrelated material clogging up this magazine. The angle I guess they were working for is that this wasn’t a magazine devoted to fighting, but rather the ‘lifestyle associated with fighting’. And what’s that, you ask? Annoying blingy hiphop gangsta fashionista fuckwad. Or something.

Filler that pissed me off: ‘Mixed Nutz’ section with info on beer, the galaxy, pro wrestling vocabulary, ‘useless trivia’, and some shit about clouds. Five ‘hot girlz’ features, which seems a bit excessive. Two articles on heavy metal musicians that ‘like MMA’. An OWL Magazine style ‘Match the closeup picture of the fighter’s hair to the fighter’s name’ thing. IFL Trivia (barf). And on and on.

Okay, now that I’ve got that off my chest, the thing isn’t all that bad. There were a few good feature articles … they had pieces on Matt Hughes and Dan Henderson, which were notable because they concentrated on their personal lives rather than fight careers. I got to see pics of Hughes’s wife (hot) and Hendo’s wife (not). Oh wait, that was Hendo’s dog. Never mind.

But still, those articles were pretty good and unique. They also got Mike Swick’s girlfriend to write about a vacation to South America, which was a bit banal but still unique enough for me to say thumbs up. And there was a thing about Keith Hackney which was pretty rockin (although not as deep as it could have been).

All in all there’s just something weird about this magazine. There wasn’t any info on subscription to it, but there were cards to subscribe to Ultimate Grappling, plus lots of ads for Ultimate Grappling. Is Elite Fighter the dumping ground for unused Ultimate Grappling content? I dunno, but the quality level fits the description.

Pros: Only 29 of the 96 pages were ads, pretty good ratio there. Design is slick. Lots of half naked chicks … I’d almost say ‘too many’ but can we really say that? The feature pieces are decent, but there just wasn’t enough of them.

Cons: The filler is pretty low grade, to the point of sucking all enjoyment out of the magazine. Waaaay too much barely MMA-related content. They kept interviewing the half naked chicks like we give a fuck which fighter is their favorite. Oh you like Chuck Liddell? How unique! There were like 4 things on the IFL in there, which is 3 things too many.

Final Conclusion: I wouldn’t buy this magazine again. The ‘direction’ of the magazine is just too helter skelter and basically reads like the Tiger Beat of MMA magazines. I have no idea if they’re trying to appeal to teenage boys or airhead girls. Maybe both? Blah.

Okay, word is Eddie Sanchez got awarded knockout of the night somehow, which of course means he got a $50,000 bonus. For those number crunchers among you, that basically doubles what Sanchez made on the fight. Now you all know me: I’m apparently a big communist pinko for suggesting that lower level fighters get paid more than the scaps the UFC drops from the dinner table. But in the case of Eddie Sanchez, I think he’s getting paid too fucking much.

In fact, I think that Sanchez’ bonus should go to the people he REALLY knocked out: the MMA fans who had to suffer through his bullshit fight with Soa Palalei. The only award that fight should have won was ‘Worst Fight of the Night’ … to remind you of how terrible this fight was let me quote my own liveblog of the experience:

Eddie pushes Soa back with strikes but spins him against the cage and now he’s the one pushing someone against the cage. I slap myself to try and stay awake. Although I give this a 10 out of 10 for quality hugging. Yep. That’s some good tender hugging. Yes, struggle to hug. Hug to struggle. It’s all good baby. Aw Yamasaki, why you stopping the hugging?

They’re split, and Eddie is throwoing shitty jabs. Soa finally pushes Eddie against the fence and Eddie starts yelling “Yeehaw, come on boy! Yeah boy!” I’m not making this up. Yamasaki is equally disturbed and splits it.

In two and a half rounds, Mario Yamasaki seperated the fighters due to inaction 5 fucking times. Nuff said! And it’s not like Sanchez couldn’t have finished it. Right off the bat in the second round it was obvious Palalei was toast, but Eddie just didn’t have the balls to stand on the outside and finish him off. It was like watching Stephen Hawking drop a game of Connect Four to an eight year old. Sure, Eddie’s not Hawking, but wouldn’t it be cool if he was? I’d love to hear “Yeehaw, come on boy!” coming out of Hawking’s voicebox computer. In fact, I think it would sound a little something like this.

That’s just how we roll, motherfuckers. Of course, I don’t really think some guy in a long white robe declared us to be unfit   for viewing. Most likely the government has buzz words like ‘shit’, ‘piss’, ‘cocks’, ‘eating cocks’, ‘piss eating cocks’, ‘eating cocks that piss shit’, et cetera ad infinitum.

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