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January 1st didn’t just mark the beginning of 2008 or the end of Matt Hughes’ reign as the most dominant welterweight in the world, it also marked the day his book ‘Made In America‘ was released. You’ve already heard some of the juicy bits, and if they were written specifically to sell copies at the expense of poor bastard Tim Sylvia, it worked! I’m picking this up as soon as I finish reading William Shatner’s book on Star Trek conventions. Don’t ask.

Anyways, for those of you living in the States (especially you non-book readin’ people), Matt Hughes is on a tour to promote the book and here’s your chance to meet him. No word on if he’ll be as surly as he was pre-UFC79 but who can blame him for that? Jake wasn’t exactly all that hyped and fun during the leadup to his bitchslap, and you gotta imagine a GSP beatdown being about 1000 times more unpleasant than that.

Normally we’re not the kind of guys who post up pirated videos … it’s not really our style, and we know our readers are generally smart enough to know their way around Youtube and Dailymotion on their own. But Nightmare of Battle has done a hell of a job rounding up every single match from Yarennoka and K1 Dynamite, so if you’re into that kind of thing, go there and check it out.

Well, you can scratch one fighter off my list of guys who’ll hopefully move down to 185 in 2008:

As soon as [Wanderlei] Silva said that, though, he smiled. He anticipated the next question would be whether he’d consider a drop to middleweight, where the limit is 185 pounds and the fighters are much more his size.

But he quickly ruled that out.

“That’s way too much weight for me to lose,” Silva said. “I couldn’t do it.”

Fuck man … yes you could! Drop the creatine, hit the fucking cardio hard and modify your training routine. I’ve seen bigger fighters than Wanderlei who managed to hit 185.

Of course, I think it’s really a question of wanting to. Cutting fucking sucks, and what’s even worse is changing the way you live to try and stay at a size where you can squeak into a lower weight class.

But when you’re a top ranked athlete like Wanderlei Silva, the advantages should be obvious. You’re going to be bigger and stronger than everyone else in your division, and that’s an advantage you need to hack it in the UFC, where everyone else is hungry enough to cut off their twigs n berries to make weight. Well, everyone else except Travis Lutter.

This has to be the lamest thing ever:

For some reason Japanese fighters always have the children on their minds, not just with Misaki mentioning them but Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto recently decided to change the name of his gym from Killer Bee to Krazy Bee in order to make it sound not so extreme for the children.

Okay, first off I just wanted to mention what an awesome name for a fight camp ‘Killer Bees’ was. The name summarized the agression and abandon that everyone loves about Kid, so it was very fitting. Plus, Killa B’s is all good with the Wu Tang, so it’s all good with me too.

But Krazy Bee? What the fuck is up with that? It’s not even a real fucking word. Adding K to words that start with C is one of cardinal sins of Baditude. Do that, and you’re obviously some 45 year old marketing exec who’s children hate him because he’s so fucking out of touch.

After the whole ‘Akiyama getting smoked in the face with a potentially illegal kick‘ thing, we decided to get in touch with our favorite female fighter and American transplant in Japan, Roxy Modafferi. If there was anyone we could trust more than Google to translate the Yarennoka rules, it was her! She was also kind enough to give us a perspective on people’s opinions over there. Check it out:

So…I read the Japanese rules, and it says: When someone is in the four-point position (with both hands and feet touching the ground) soccer ball kicks to the head and face are illegal, but knees aren’t. Then it said something like “BUT in the case of Fedor and (the other guy) it was a foul. (huh?) Then it said “that’s just a hypothetical situation.” (huh?)

Sorry, my Japanese ability can’t comprehend that one, but I don’t think it has anything to do with Akiyama’s fight anyway.

So I talked to one of the guys at my gym, and he thought it was illegal, and he said the president through it was illegal, so that confused me, because wouldn’t that make it ….illegal? 😡  I watched the vid on youtube and wasn’t sure if his hands left the ground the moment of the kicks’ impact, but of course, the ref can’t squint at a computer screen and watch frame by frame, right?  That pic for the topic of this shows clearly, his hands were on the ground, right? Butthe guy at my gym (who also refs) said that Akiyama was trying to get up, but he’d been knocked down, and it was in the scramble to get up, so maybe that’s why the decision stood?

I’m not sure how to feel about Akiyama.  A good pro-fighter friend of mine says, “Of course Akiyama didn’t mean to cheat! He has dry skin and is known for using a lot of lotion, but this time it just happened to be a problem in a match. And that everyone loves Saku so they made a big deal.”

I dunno…I’ve talked to Akiyama (he sometimes trains at Keishukai), but not enough to really know him.

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