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Luke from Bloody Elbow has the interesting opinion that Brock Lesnar could be the worst thing to happen to MMA since it was pulled off PPV in the 90’s.

For MMA as a sport to be taken seriously by the general public, it needs the general public to think the best fighters in the sport are legitimate athletes. If someone like Lesnar can make a transition from pro wrestling to MMA stardom, it will be hard for the sport to be taken any more seriously than wrestling is. I realize that Lesnar has credentials as a real athlete in collegiate wrestling, I’m glad White got Lesnar to sign up with UFC, and I’m curious to see how Lesnar does. But I’m concerned that if Lesnar succeeds, he’ll be doing it at the expense of the sport of mixed martial arts.

I don’t think anyone is going to question Lesnar’s qualifications as a ‘real athlete’. He’s got an alphabet soup’s worth of amateur wrestling credentials, and nearly got into the NFL despite the fact that he barely had any real experience at all. Sure, he spent a few years growling and stomping around a ring like a retard for the WWE, and for that we shall mock him forever. But it doesn’t take away the fact that we recognize his (possibly) natural physical abilities.

Luke seems to be trying to push the idea that anyone making it to the top in this sport without years and years of training is going to wreck MMA’s reputation as a sport requiring skill and dedication. To me, I’ve always found that idea stupid … the appeal of MMA to me is that it’s a sport anyone can go into.

You don’t have to be wrestling since you were 10 to compete in MMA. You don’t have to be raised by the Gracies. There are tons of fighters out there who exploded out of nowhere with nothing more than a few instructional dvds and the warrior spirit to stand against someone with way more experience and think “I can still beat this guy.”

Honestly, anyone who can’t see the skill involved in MMA isn’t the kind of person who’ll ever become a fan of the sport. And those of us who do know what’s up understand that training, experience, and hard work are just equalizers that help smaller opponents face guys like Brock Lesnar and still have a chance to win.

Over NYE weekend, Joe Lauzon was in Las Vegas getting himself scanned into a 3d computer modeller for the new UFC game. News about this game has been pretty slim to none, but you have to imagine if they’re at the stage where they’re scanning fighters in, then there must be a general date coming up soon. The UFC isn’t like the WWE … fighters don’t stick around long if they don’t keep winning, so scanning in fighters 9 months before a launch could result in having a cast of guys who are now relegated to dark matches or not even with the UFC any more.

Anyways, it’s interesting that they’re featuring Joe Lauzon considering the only notable opponent he’s beaten so far is Jens Pulver, and even that win could be considered something of a fluke. Hey, I think he’s promising as hell too, but I’ll wait till I see him against Kenny Florian before I swallow the hype. Does this mean the UFC plans on having a huge roster of fighters available in the game? I can only cross my fingers.

I’ve got big hopes for the new UFC game because they’ve finally given the reins of the franchise back to THQ, who were responsible for the awesome Pride FC game. Of course, the big question is if THQ has gone with the developers for that game or someone new who’ll fuck it up. Considering the popularity of the sport right now, THQ would be foolish not to give this title it’s full attention. It could very well give them a new series of sports game that could give them the same easy revenue that EA has developed with their sports titles.

Blogs are good, blogs are fun. Everyone and their dog has a blog nowadays, and why not? It’s a good way to motivate yourself and share your life with others. For the past week and a bit, Ken Pavia has been blogging via MMAJunkie about his Lifefood / cleansing diet with Luke Cummo. And now it looks like Elias Cepeda from Inside Fighting (who we did a roundtable with for BetUS) is now going to blog his own diet experience. His plan: to go vegan.

I myself am on something of a diet. My upcoming fight with Sam Caplan is at 185 and I am currently sitting at 211 pounds. So I’ve got around 15-20 pounds to lose if I don’t want to cut too hard to make weight. Although it isn’t as simple as that … if I wanted to shed the extra pounds I’d just go back to listening to happy hardcore and doing E every weekend at raves. You’d be surprised how fast you’ll drop weight like that.

But when you’re in gym and class several times a week, things are different … you’re not just losing fat, you’re growing muscle. As muscle is heavier than fat … well you get the idea. I’ve been wading through the internet trying to figure out if what I’m doing is right, but there’s just too much info. Jake has been a massive help thus far getting me back into shape, but it’s time to get some more specific help.

So now the plan is to start a regular weekly update on my training and dieting process in preparation for the Caplan fight. This isn’t something that’s supposed to educate and inspire you guys. In fact, it’s more to keep myself honest about my progress and to get advice from you all on what I can do better.

I’m not really going to be exposing you guys to anything new or kooky … nothing’s going up my butt and I’m not switching to an all rabbit food plan. As it stands now my diet is meat heavy and I’m just keeping the junk out. But over the next two months I want to take things to another level. I want to pick up the right kinds of supplements to help with recovery and muscle growth, and set up a good schedule of solid foods to get me in an easy to maintain routine.

The way I look at it is this: This fight isn’t just about Ryan vs Sam … this is Fightlinker vs Five Ounces. If we’re gonna win this, it’s gonna be as a team. So I’m gonna need the help of all my Jackals on this one.


I know, I should be the last person calling anyone a fat fuck, especially after breaking down and eating half a box of chewy chocolate chip cookies today. But holy fuck. Mark Kerr used to be the terror of mixed martial arts. He used to be one of those guys people would just call ‘a specimen’ over and over until you were like “Shut up, that’s a stupid expression you wanker!”

Of course, Mark Kerr turned out to be a crazy hardcore juicer, and that just makes these pictures from the WCO weigh-ins even sadder. I don’t blame Kerr for phoning in performances … everyone needs to make a living regardless of if they’re still got that “warrior’s spirit”. But showing up to a fight looking more like some crusty motel manager than a fighter? Come on now.

By the way, this picture was taken by Combat Lifestyle‘s Tracy Lee, who gets around … the MMA scene and takes good pictures of all the events! Heyo!

You may or may not have heard that Randy Couture was doing a charity poker tournament this weekend. I was gonna do some promo for it but I feel like I’ve been too nice lately and any more posts about Randy involving puppies or charities might make everyone forget that he’s a bastard who won’t get in the cage and fight for our amusement anymore.

Anyways, Randy had a pretty damn good run, with two do-or-die hands developing for him on the flop. There’s no word yet on how well Randy did in his own tournament but for someone who claimed he barely knows how to play, he certainly didn’t do too shabby.

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