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There’s two things I really want to give you all (well actually three but according to some state laws I’m not allowed to offer the third one), and that’s MORE hot chicks and MORE gross pics. I know you all are also clamoring for LESS gay pics, but I love doing that … weeds out the kind of visitors who are like OMG GAY SHIT. Sends them scurrying back to Sherdog, it does.

So here’s some more gross shit, it’s an oldie but a goody that fellow jackal Fightfan messaged me about: the ten worst cuts in MMA. Seriously, some of these are pretty damned hardore. If it wasn’t from August you know Kalib Starnes and Ross Pointon would have been included. Barf-tastic.

It’s interesting to note that when BJ Penn talks about winning titles across multiple weight classes, I call him an egotistical douche who needs to actually win and hold ONE title before pimping his pineapple about another. On the other hand, when GSP does the same thing, I’m all starry eyed and generally aroused by his statements.

“He wants to leave a legacy,” Spenser said. “He wants to be the most dominant fighter the UFC and MMA has ever seen, and he intends to accomplish that by dominating the 170-pound weight class, moving up to the 185 weight class and then eventually the light heavyweight class.”

That’s Shari Spenser, GSP’s agent and the dumpy old chick that was in the ring with him after his last win over Matt Hughes. Now lets forget for a moment that Georges doesn’t hold the real welterweight belt at the moment. And lets forget that he managed to lose his belt during his first title defense against a guy who barely had any business being in the UFC, let alone in a title fight. If you’re letting Serra’s win over GSP cloud the reality of his skill level, rewatch TUF4 and see his terrible wins over Shonie Carter and Chris Lytle. I myself fell under the “Well he beat GSP so he must be kinda good” spell for a while, but I’m over it now.

So now that we’re ignoring all the facts that get in the way of our pretty fantasy world, I think it’s awesome that GSP is planning on routing three UFC divisions. Mainly because it improves the chances that we’re going to see GSP vs Anderson Silva in a few years. And at the moment, those two are my pound for pound best fighters in the world. There’s only one condition that I have for GSP: that he cleans out his division before moving up, and he leaves his belt behind. That means taking out Karo Parisyan, Jon Fitch, Diego Sanchez, Thiago Alves, and anyone else that comes out of the woodwork as a real contender. And I’m all for legacy and shit, but not at the expense of someone hoarding all the titles. A belt is just something that holds your pants up (or occasionally declares your allegiance to country bands). If you move up undefeated, it’s like you’re the champion in absentia anyways.

So sign me up for this shit, I’m down like brown. Just don’t fuck things up like you did last time Georges. You’ll find the Emperor is not as forgiving as I am.

Just a few new legal clarifications from Randy Couture: in this latest interview he says that he resigned from his employment contract, not his fight contract. His fight contract expires in July on it’s own. Another thing he reiterated was that if the UFC was able to set up the Fedor fight somehow, he would be happy to do it with them.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … these small actions and announcements that Couture makes reek of smart lawyering in the background. While I think Randy and his people have given up on trying to win the PR war against the UFC, you can see them digging in to give a good defence in court.

You can mark March 29th on your calendar as the date you finally get to see Cung Le get his ass kicked. After fighting a couple mid-level bozos over the past two years, someone who doesn’t have Cung’s best interest in mind has decided that he’s ready to face Frank Shamrock, who seems like he’s still capable of whooping some serious ass when he actually feels like it.

No word yet on the amusing stunts Frank Shamrock plans on pulling to demean his opponent this time. For those of you who didn’t know, Frank Shamrock mercilessly taunted Phil Baroni regarding everything from his participation in gay glamor films to his marriage falling apart. As the fight closened he dressed his female assistant up as the New York Bad Ass and made a bunch of amusing youtube videos. In other words, this man is my fucking hero.

Of course, we’re still living in an age and time where making fun of someone for being Vietnamese doesn’t fly like making fun of Italian-Americans does. So we’ll see if Frank is going to be able to figure out some original and non-racist ways of making fun of Cung. Maybe he’ll use the homo card again?

There was some arguments in the forum regarding Dana White’s propensity for being an assface, and there were two general positions: those that felt Dana did a good job of controlling everything in order to protect the sport and his company, and those who agree but feel that he lets his personal opinions and feelings cloud his judgment too often.

Me, I think I lean towards the latter opinion. Dana’s like one of those abusive boyfriends … so fun, wild and exciting one moment but then in another he’s dragging you down the hall by your hair and calling you a whore. There’s no denying he’s done great things for MMA, but does that really entitle him to the unquestioning carte blanche many fans give him : “Dana knows what he’s doing! He can do no wrong!”

I’m not so sure anymore with this Randy Couture thing. While the UFC is definitely within it’s rights to sue Randy Couture and try to prevent the Couture / Fedor fight from happening, I have to imagine that a smarter businessman could have figured out a way to turn the tables and make this situation work for them.

Dana White has something of a history of getting suckered, which is probably why he’s so damned defensive now. The Pride sale turned out to be a pretty big bust – maybe you could have considered it a success when everyone thought it had killed off the UFC’s main competition. But with the rise of Zombie Pride and the apparent merge with HERO’s … yeah, no.

That wasn’t the only time Dana got bamboozled by Pride … everyone remembers the time Pride sent Wanderlei Silva into the octagon just to gain exposure for their company. After egg on his face like that, it’s not surprising Dana White finds the prospect of working with another promotion as appealing as a prostate exam.

So mix that initial general suspicion with an egotistical “Our way or the highway” attitude, and then a pinch of insane Russians and you’ve got a recipe for “No Randy Fedor in the UFC” soup. It’s not a very good soup, I have to admit.

So what could Dana have done? I dunno, but I do know that if he was craftier he could have figured out a way to sort all this shit out without losing Fedor to M-1 in the first place, and subsequently Randy to exile. Was the answer a one fight contract for Fedor? Was it some kind of negotiation with M-1 for a cross promotion? I dunno … only Dana White knows what cards he could have played.

All I know is that for all the hands there are, the only one he seems to be playing lately is the litigious one.

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