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If I wasn’t already giddy enough about BJ Penn winning the lightweight belt, he made my night by telling Sean Sherk “You’re dead” over the house mic. Sherk got his purple velvet shirt all in a ruffle over that and came in to say “Duurrr that’s not very nice!” And everyone booed. They gloriously boo’d.

It’s funny because I doubt they booed him because of the steroids … personally I booed him because he was coming in and raining on BJ Penn’s parade. BJ Penn just made UFC history by becoming only the second man to win titles in two divisions and the first thing I hear on the PPV is fuckwad Sean Sherk flapping his fag face about how he wouldn’t go down so easily. Eat shit you bastard.

And then he comes on the ring and gets on the mic like people want to hear what he has to say. What did he expect to happen? Everyone cheered Penn on like he was the second coming of Jesus Christ (and hey, he’s finally starting to live up to that hype!). Having Steroid Sean come in and blab on the mic is like pulling your cock out at an open casket funeral. It’s just not the time. Well, not in front of everyone at least.

Yep, it’s all over for those of us who remembered that this event was happening at 3pm and not 10pm. If you happened to miss this, then what the hell is wrong with you??? It was freaking awesomeness to the 10th degree. It packs more punch than Jorge Rivera and Wilson Gouveia combined!

Download the show here, or check it out in our new and improved streaming applet to your right. iTunes hates us so expect that to show up on like Monday.

Okay peeps, here’s the winners:

UberTwat got the most right and came in first place with 13 points.

Then there was a tie for second place between Murph1313 and Jackal Matt. They both got 11 points. So to tiebreak it we gave the win to whoever got the most perfect fights (called winner, round, and sub type). That was Jackal Matt with 3.

I’ll be flimming the winners tommorow morning with details on how you claim your BetUS $100 credit!

Thanks to everyone who participated, we got a great response. Hopefully we’ll be able to do all this stuff a lot more in the future, because I know everyone loves to get free shit!

Gabriel Gonzaga said that there’s no shame in losing to Randy Couture, which is I suppose correct. However, there is shame in losing THE WAY that Gonzaga lost to Couture. Namely, Couture broke Gonzaga’s spirit and made him quit mentally like a bitch.

Once again tonight, Gonzaga ended up looking like a bitch. He was doing a pretty good job of controlling the fight right up till the last minute, throwing devastating kicks that looked like they were inches away from felling Werdum. Then something funny happened: Werdum closed the distance, got inside Gonzaga’s defences, and starting beating the shit out of Gonzaga with close strikes and brutal knees.

Gonzaga had no answers for the knees … he actually slid down the cage and put a hand on the ground so Werdum wouldn’t be allowed to throw them any more. But from there Werdum pushed him over, got his back, and pounded Gonzaga out. It’s not that Werdum’s strikes looked all that devastating … it’s just that Gonzaga was DONE. He gave up again, just like he did against Couture. Rather than look for an escape or work to stand up or improve position, he just covered up and put a glove over his face. Lame

I’m not too sure what the hell happens with Gonzaga now. He can train to get better in the clinch. But can he train to have more heart?


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**UPDATE** Show’s over, I’ll upload it by 8pm for those who missed it the first time around

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