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Ladies and gentlemen, the above I show you is exhibit A. Now please turn your attention to exhibit B. Note specifically the following excerpt from exhibit B:

PC: I know that was a very emotional loss for you. What all was going through your mind after the fight?

JS: Man, I wanted to cry. I gave everything I had. I put in my life savings, took away time from Christmas, New Years, time from my family man-I sacrificed everything and it would’ve paid off. I would do it all again if I had to.

PC: I was emotional for you man. I talked to a lot of fighters that told me how you were in Big Bear busting ass. I’m sure it had to be tough to lose like that?

JS: I saw the tape and it looked like I was crying, but I had something in my eye-my blood (laughing).

To be fair, a little bit of blood would mean a little bit of tears. Considering the amount of blood coming out of Joe, I think the tears aren’t all that unreasonable. So come on now Joe … there’s nothing wrong with crying*.

*There’s something wrong with crying when you’re on The Ultimate Fighter. But crying in the cage is acceptable**

**So long as you’re not a vag and admit to it afterwards.

Of course, considering all the drama going on with Affliction and the UFC, we’ll never know if this shirt is going to be released or shown at any events. But I give it a big thumbs up. It’s a nice take on the most totally awesome original, with the standard Affliction stylings.

I knew Jeremy Horn was hard up for cash, but I have to wonder how much money it took for him to agree to walk out at UFC81 to a cover of Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero”:

MURFREESBORO, TN – – 17-year old Siegel High School student, Ashley England will have her first song demo debut for the UFC Championship in Las Vegas. The song “Holding Out For A Hero” was written by Jim Steinman and Dean Pitchford and published by Ensign Music, and was originally recorded by Bonnie Tyler.

Ashley is currently recording her first demo at Affinity Publishing Group, Inc, in Murfreesboro, where she is also a vocal performance student under teacher and producer Angela Anderson of Affinity.

“Ashley is a very powerful singer. When we heard Ashley sing “Holding Out for A Hero”, we thought the song would be the perfect song for the UFC Championship.”said Anderson.

Ashley’s mother, Carolina Gallentine, started making phone calls and was able to get Monte Cox, UFC Manager, to listen to the song. Cox loved it and selected the song to debut in the February 2, 2008 UFC Championship program on Pay Per View for UFC five- time Champion Jeremy Horn who is coming out of retirement. This is a big deal for young Ashley.

“I am so happy because this will be a big deal for my school.” said Ashley.

I don’t know how big of a deal this will be for Horn, who’s now walking in to one of the biggest gay club anthems in history, up there somewhere between “It’s Raining Men” and “Y.M.C.A”.



  • SARS masks
  • Low variety of hair color
  • A crazy abundance of pubic hair
  • Too many peace signs being thrown around

Eugh. Why the fuck is it that new promotions come in two flavors:

1. Rich guys who don’t know what the fuck they’re doing. They have all the money in the world but can’t seem to put together a logo or website that doesn’t resemble kindergarden kids going at it with crayons. Company burns through a shitload of money, dies on the vine (sometimes before an event even happens), the end.

2. Poor bastards who use their amazing spin skills and hucksterism to create a glorious looking house of cards which is just waiting for the first breeze to knock it over. These guys are smart, their ideas are solid, and they’d make it for sure … if only they had some fucking money. Of course they don’t, they try to rely on advance ticket sales and other sketchy shit in to finance the payment for operations. They choke and die the first time someone demands a deposit on something.

I’m just sick and tired of this Keystone Kops shit. With the exception of EliteXC (barely), Strikeforce, and HDNet Fights, I can’t think of any other middling promotion that’s not fucking retarded.

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