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After what basically amounts to a year+ long vacation (not including pro wrestling stints and catch wrestling an otaku cat maid), Josh Barnett returns to action in March for the unfortunately named World Victory Road. His opponent? Hidehiko Yoshida.

Yes that’s right! The Yoshida who’s a gold medal judo artist. Mind you that gold medal was earned back in 1992, which was also the Olympics that marked Germany’s cold war reuinification. In other words, that was a loooong fucking time ago. In other words, Yoshida is like 38 years old. In other words, Yoshida is a stinky smelly old man who probably applies BenGay and Gold Bond as a part of his stinky smelly old man daily routine.

But a fight is a fight and I’ll take what I can get. World Victory Road has probably just put together a fight that’ll actually put Japanese asses in seats, so who am I to point out that this will be a one sided drubbing? Josh Barnett calls this fight ‘a continuation of the feud between catch wrestling and judo’. I don’t think anyone who hasn’t felt the spandex caress of a wrestling singlet against their groinal area even knows what the fuck he’s talking about. I see this more as Yoshida taking the bullet to set up the big fight and help ‘his’ new promotion. Carry on, crazy Japanese promotion. Carry on.

Also worth noting in Josh Barnett’s MySpace blog is the following:

PS. Rumor control. I have never been offered a match to fight in M-1 or against Aleksander Emelianenko. Alek’s has expressed to me personally his desire for a rematch but without a promotion to make it happen then it doesn’t matter. I don’t need to make this fight happen but I would gladly give him his rematch if it was offered to me. It’s no sweat to me to fight him.

Also, to my knowledge there was never a Roger Gracie vs. Yoshida match. We have been talking with WVR for a long time creating a contract and Yoshida was who was offered from the beginning. I don’t know who put out the rumors or why some news outlets accepted it as fact but there was never a Roger vs. Yoshida fight. Just some wishful thinking on some manager’s part perhaps.

Make a note of that people: a few more examples of why you should never believe half the shit fighters say nowadays. Or perhaps it’s more a testament to the lax fact checking going on across the MMA bloggamaspehre. Or maybe it’s the Japanese you shouldn’t trust and Josh Barnett that was kept in the dark? The Aleks E story was fishy to begin with, the Roger Gracie vs Yoshida story seemed a lot more substantial. Ah, fuck it. I’ll just keep telling you guys what I find out, and then as updates roll out I’ll tell you those too.

After mountains of emails chastising us for skipping a week, we’re back to our nearly regular schedule. Typically the Low Blow is recorded on Monday nights and released in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Hardcore editing slims the show down from 4-5 hours of hate-speech to a more manageable and slightly less offensive 45 minutes to an hour (up to 90 minutes when we’re feeling that sweet ‘bitches in a beauty salon’ vibe).

But we decided to deliver a day early this week to allay people’s fears that Ryan had died. Much like Castro holding a recent newspaper and discussing current political events on video, we hope this will assure people that he is very much alive and la Revolución lives on!

This week’s show was all UFC81 and how horribly wrong we were with our picks. We break down the entire televised event fight by fight, ponder why the Octagon seems to be Japanese kryptonite, and wonder if Alan Belcher needed a doctor’s note to duck Almeida. Always controversial, rarely factual …


Or use the flash player to your right for instant pleasures. Yes, we know that our iTunes is fucked, but we’re going to try and figure it out sometime today so there’ll be a post once we’ve fixed that. Till then, hold tight, iPeople.

Alright, i got some good news and some bad news. The good news is we are both alive, and somewhat in good shape. After all the health craziness, we just had to take a moment to gather ourselves and take a bit of a breather. So, starting Monday morning, we’ll be getting back in the full swing of things.

The bad news is that we won’t be live blogging UFC 81, or doing a live radio show. And to avoid anyone leaking out any information regarding the event, don’t count on either of us trolling the forums until Sunday. Luckily, it turns out that most of our loyal Jackals are actually funny bastards, so don’t hesitate to check out the forums. See you all Monday!

I just watched the Countdown to UFC81 show, and I gotta say it wasn’t too bad. It looks like they’ve addressed a lot of the criticisms I leveled against them for getting it’s ass kicked by Hatton/Mayweather 24/7. I still don’t get why their countdown show plays ONCE a few days before the event rather than 20 times over the weeks leading up to the show. But the UFC has cribbed a lot of the stylistic details that made the HBO 24/7 shows more compelling:

  • a narrator that doesn’t sound like he’s about to do a backflip off a motorcycle while gargling mountain dew.
  • an orchestral score rather than retarded nu-metal
  • a new director’s style that looks more documentary than MTV Cribs

Of course, Dana White and Joe Rogan are still spitting out the same hammy sound bytes as always … “This guy could really be the next big thing”, “It all depends on which Mir shows up”, blah blah blah blah blah. But hey, you can’t fix everything overnight and I declare this a step in the right direction.

What better way to start the day then to see possibly the most horrific leg breaking incident on record in mixed martial arts? We thought we’d already delivered the most brutal footage ever of someone’s shin disintegrating, but we thought wrong.

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