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Hey boys and girls. Just a reminder that we’re in the middle of an attempt to get SpikeTV to show 3 hours of UFC Fight Night 13 instead of two. The cause has been picked up by various other websites and forums (and is now being pushed on Sirius satelite radio to boot), so to say things are going well is an understatement.

But we can’t quit now! If you haven’t already mailed SpikeTV, DO IT. If you have more than one email account, SEND AN EMAIL FROM THEM ALL. And if you’ve got friends, harass them into sending as well.

Today I’m concentrating on getting other big MMA websites to fight with us. Hopefully over the next few days we’ll have the number of emails sent up from the hundreds and into the thousands!

(an oldie but a goodie: Clay Guida +Vodka + Breasts = Victory???)

UFC “loves” Arlovski
Here’s where the UFC denies that anything is wrong and that everything is great between them and Andrei Arlovski. On a related note, the UFC also says don’t mind those bruises, Andrei just ran into a door. Again. He’s so clumsy.

Okami disses Sylvia
Sylvia never gets any love, and now he’s being criticized by Yushin Okami for having no heart. Tim could say “Okami is boring”, but that’d be way too pot calling kettle black. And really, what else can Tim say about Okami? Well played, Yushin. Well played.

Kid Yamamoto’s cheating kicks ruled ‘Okay’
Even though those kicks Kid Yamamoto threw were totally illegal, his win was upheld because ‘they didn’t contribute to Rani Yahya’s loss’. Translation: Rani was losing one way or another anyways, so who cares?

Roxy Modafferi on Laura D’Auguste
Here’s an interview with Roxy Modafferi where she tries to draw Laura D’Auguste out of blissful marriage pseudo-retirement in order to extract revenge. I’d say Roxy should move on and start calling out Shayna Baszler, the only chick to ever finish Roxy off.

Tito Ortiz on Howard Stern
Tito’s back doing what he does best: not fighting. Here he tags along with his girlfriend to Howard Stern’s show and gets off a couple tame trash talk points at Dana White’s expense. Example: “Dana’s just like Don King except Don King is black.” Oooh very astute Tito! Don King IS black!

Mir wants to be on the next Ultimate Fighter
If the thought of Frank Mir and Tim Sylvia as coaches on TUF doesn’t terrify you, then you’ve been reading too much Kevin Iole.

Mark Hunt signs with HUSTLE
Sometimes I just shake my head and wonder what is up with the world when fighters like Mark Hunt end up having to pro wrestle for a living. Breaks my fucking heart.

Leben vs Sakara on the main card
Man, if you’d told me last year that Diego Sanchez was gonna be facing some unknown Swede on an undercard while Chris Leben would be on the televised portion of the card, I’d have told you to fuck off back to Liarland. But that’s what’s happening now.

(I dunno what the fucking story is behind this picture, but there seems to be only two flavors of Iceman pics: Chuck in clubs playing tonsil hockey with hot bitches, and Chuck casually frolicking with gigantic piles of cash. Normally I’d hate him for this but he’s always got a look on his face like he’s surprised and happy to be in such an awesome situation that I can’t help but like the guy.)

Yeah, so word on the street is that Chuck Liddell is gonna be fighting Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua in the UK come June. All I have to say is SWEET. I was getting a bit worried with all that stupid talk of Chuck rematching Keith Jardine, which is about as good of an idea as firing a pellet gun at a propane truck. That fight was a mistake in the first place – a no-win sitch where no one would even remember the fight in 2 years had Chuck won. When he lost it was like the end of the fucking universe, with much gnashing of teeth and lamentation from everyone.

Of course, then Dana put Chuck against Wanderlei (thank Jesus), Chuck beat Wanderlei, and now we can all get on with our lives and back to the UFC booking Chuck against the strongest contenders they’ve got. That’s better for everyone: Liddell gets opponents he actually gives a shit about, ergo he doesn’t spend his nights in clubs or random womens’ vaginas. We get fights that we want to see, ergo we spend money on UFC PPVs. Everyone wins!

**UPDATE** Turns out the picture is a photoshop. Thought it was a bit strange that Chuck had an Australian flag draped over his shoulders. Here’s where the pic came from!

Last week there was a big shitstorm between Five Ounces and us here at Fightlinker. We said Takanori Gomi was never close to signing with the UFC and reports that Frankie Edgar had been given an agreement to fight him** were bullshit. 5ounces stuck by their story and called us ignorant no-nothings relying on bogus forum posts for sources. And while that statement is pretty much 100% accurate, it looks like we were right this time anyways!

We had the chance to speak with undefeated UFC Lightweight Frankie Edgar about the rumor regarding a possible bout with Takanori Gomi that fell through last week. Edgar told us, “there was rumors going around that he was my next opponent, I knew it wasn’t true because the UFC didn’t say anything to me and I didn’t think that he was signed to the UFC.” What was true was the fact that Edgar was willing to jump into the Octagon with Gomi though, “I told my manager Steve Rivera to inquire about Gomi to see if he is available for a fight, like I thought he wasn’t even signed to the UFC so nothing ever amassed.”

It looks like we all jumped the gun on this one, because now Gomi has signed with World Victory Road to fight on March 5th. Gomi is another PRIDE fighter that the UFC had in attendance but was unable to sign. The other fighter who the UFC has had in attendance and couldn’t sign was fellow Hayato “Mach” Sakurai.

Edgar went on to tell us that he wasn’t even sure if the talks between the UFC and Gomi were even close to being serious when he added, “I don’t even know if there were even ever talks with him [Takanori Gomi].”

I look at it like this: sources tell you all sorts of shit, and even if it’s a reliable source, they’re not always right. I have managed to be very wrong all by myself on many occasions, but I’ve also been right quite a bit too. The good news is that regardless of if we’re right or wrong, what we (bloggers) say shakes the palm tree that is MMA, and ripe coconuts of truth tend to fall out. I’ve never believed in the whole “gotta be right all the time” thing (which should be painfully obvious to any regular readers), because you rarely get the full ‘correct’ story until weeks or months afterwards. And if no one says anything in the first place, who knows if there’s even going to be a follow up?

I’m pretty much telling you guys here and now: I am most definitely going to say shit which is stupid and dumb and wrong. But every time I do get wrong, I will make sure you all know it.

**CORRECTION** Well, that didn’t take long. We just said that 5ounces claimed “Frankie Edgar had been given an agreement to fight” Gomi. The original claim was that Frankie “had been offered and accepted a potential bout vs. Gomi”. I’m not exactly sure how that’s too different, but apparently it is so there you go.

I know I’ve been kinda slack on the Kevin Iole bashing lately. But there’s only so many times a dude can be a total retard before I stop caring. It’s front page news if someone like Albert Einstein shits his pants or whips out his cock but when a homeless dude does it, it’s to be expected. And at this point I just expect Kevin to be a total moron. So why keep writing about it?

I don’t want to give him a complete pass though. Last week he was pretty retardo with his breakdowns on Lesnar vs Mir and Sylvia vs Big Nog. Sure, his predictions were closer to correct than mine, but we’re not talking about me here! And besides, anyone can be wrong predicting fights. But when you give Frank freaking Mir a higher conditioning score than Big Nog, then there’s something seriously wrong with your analytical reasoning. Like … ‘go see a doctor’ wrong.

And now he’s following that shitty pre-fight analysis with shitty post-fight analysis, shouting from the mountaintop that Frank Mir is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. I kept mum when he printed Dana White’s absurd Mir/Penn comparison … I understand that Kevin is unable to betray his master in things like this. But now Kevin is trying to sell both Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir as soon-to-be champions and it just drives me fucking batty.

No, there is nothing ‘factually wrong’ with Kevin’s latest writing. It’s all opinion based, and people are allowed to have their own opinions. But shame shame double triple fucking shame on Yahoo for giving this bozo one of the biggest soapboxes on the internet. It makes me cringe that new fans are coming in and reading this shit thinking it’s anywhere near logical.

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