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Kimbo Slice isn’t all mean and menace. In some ways he’s just like you and me! For example, did you know he came from a woman’s vagina just like most of us? And every year they celebrate that day with cake! Complete with blue icing and sprinkles.


I dunno what’s up with Esther Lin lately, but she’s a roll with awesome MMA related pics.

Monday is new comic day, and if you haven’t checked it out, you seriously suck balls. Also for the uninitiated, tonight is Mailbag on “The Low Blow”, which means we need you to submit your questions. You can post them here, or on the forums. If you haven’t checked out the radioshow, or have yet to sign up for the forum, I just have to ask: what the hell man!!??

If this is what you’re seeing instead of a Daily Wrapup, it’s because the place we’re staying this weekend has no internet. Therefore you’re not likely to get many posts Sunday. Just an FYI.

Above: Next Question with Dana White
For the most part Dana does a good job till he gets quizzed on Canadian geography (which to me ain’t fair because no one gives a shit about that. For his credit, he didn’t call Toronto the capital of Canada).

Other videos after the jump:

Matt Serra and GSP on OTR: The segment with GSP, Matt Serra, plus Matt’s Next Question segment and a show where he’s alongside oldschool fighter Dave Beneteau.

Anderson Silva vs Dan Henderson UFC82 preview : Some nice highlights and the same hack lines from Dana and Joe.

Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami : The only way to beat Silva apparently is for him to be disqualified for illegal strikes.

Mazagatti’s warning to Lesnar : I don’t hear it, but maybe you can. Of course, everything uploaded to Youtube sounds like you’re listening to it through a beehive.

GSP and Matt Serra on OTR

OTR Next Question with Matt Serra

Matt Serra on OTR part 1

Matt Serra on OTR part 2

Anderson Silva vs Dan Henderson UFC82 preview

Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami

Mazagatti’s warning to Lesnar

Was just checking out the latest Smack Girl lineup and once again there’s a big fucking ommission: Roxy Modafferi. Not only that, but the lineup generally seems like it was put together by someone with a blindfold picking names out of a hat. They’ve got Megumi Fujii (aka MEGA MEGU, one of the best out there) fighting Cindy Hales, who has a 1-0 record. Cindy’s only win comes against lesbian blood artist Shawn Tamaribuchi, who we love but isn’t grounds for earning a fight against someone like Megumi.

I don’t pretend to know what the fuck is going on in Japan. In fact, I am probably the most ignorant person out there when it comes to how things work in their fight scene. Japanese promotions really don’t seem to give a shit about creating proper rankings and competitive fights between the best in their shows. Someone who’s won three in a row will just as likely fight someone who’s lost three, or worse someone who’s never even fought real MMA before. They simply don’t care. And fine: book the squash matches and book the fighters who put asses in the seats. But Roxy Modafferi is one of the best female fighters in the game right now, and she kinda sorta lives in Japan. It’s stupid not to take advantage of the situation and have her fighting for Smack Girl.

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