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Sherdog has a wordy article which probably doesn’t make much sense to many people that’s all about Xyience’s bankruptcy case. The simple summation is that the shareholders are accusing the Fertittas (via a company named Zyen) of lending Xyience money that was immediately paid to the UFC rather than, I dunno, to keep the company afloat. Then when Xyience couldn’t make return payments to Zyen, Zyen defaulted on the loan and are trying to seize Xyience’s assets:

“Thereafter, a month later [Xyience] failed to make the very first payment due Zyen in November. The Shareholder Group believes that this failure to pay was simply an orchestrated default. Consequently, Zyen issued its Notice of Strict Foreclosure, which gave it the right to foreclose under an agreement not approved by the shareholders nor in the best interest of [Xyience]. Pursuant to the notice, Zyen sought to foreclose on [Xyience’s] assets, including the trade name Xyience and energy drinks under the trade name of, among other things, Xenergy drinks.”

This is where this story seems to be going into pretty murky legal waters. Because corporate business is infinitely cut throat, I’m not sure if anything illegal has actually happened yet, but it sure looks like they’re cutting a fine line. There seems to be a number of people involved with Xyience and the Fertittas who worked in cahoots to orchestrate this asset snatch, effectively finishing the company off and leaving the investors with nothing.

There’s no better way to start your morning than to read a forum on regarding foreign policy. You get to hear a whole bunch of fucking geniuses talk about how we need to “close our boarders to keep illegal Mexicans out (not against Mexicans just illegal Mexicans)” and how we need to “bomb all foreign countries that don’t do what we say”. Nothing out of the ordinary here … oh wait! Pat Miletich joins in!

Dear liberal terrorist sympathizers,

The idea of fighting for civil rights is correct, but not for people that want this country to crumble to the ground. By your strategy we would “civil rights” ourselves straight to the grave.

This nation was founded on Christian values, so I say if immigrants can’t respect that they should hit the bricks. I have to respect Muslim rules when in the Middle East, why not them when here?

Push this button for Arabic Push this button for Spanish Push this button for BULLSHIT!

(Luis Aguirre takes lots of mma-themed pictures of hot girls)

Igor Vovchanchyn says “Fuck Fighting”
You can take Igor Vovchanchyn off your list of fighters who’ll be fighting way past their prime. He’s officially done with MMA, admitting he often gets the urge to fight but those pesky steel plates and screws in his hand keep him from doing it.

M-1 is doomed before they’ve even started
Michael Rome does some basic math and comes to the conclusion that M1 is fucked even before they start. Of course, everyone knows you need to burn a huge pile of money before you’re ever going to start seeing returns. And while some people talk about M1 having ‘300 million dollars’ in financing, I’ll believe that when I see it.

More Japanese ring girls
I’ve been relying too much on Japanese ring girls for daily wrapup pictures, so I’m not going to use one of these pictures today. But this gallery is too good to pass up.

EliteXC lands Phil Baroni
So I guess Phil Baroni is fighting in Hawaii in March and not in Japan like everyone was originally thinking. Robbie Lawler gets the shaft on this one and loses his Icon belt (does that mean the EliteXC belt as well?) so Phil has a strap to compete for.

Kevin Randleman back in Japan
Kevin Randleman returns to Japan, where he’ll be free to juice up until more organs fail. No need for shenanigans involving animal urine for him!

Japan gearing up for spring MMA war
World Victory Road. K1. Zombie Pride. What’s going on, who’s going where. Who’s been fired, who’s been replaced. You wanna know in 5 minutes, here’s the article to read.

Xyience continues to go tits up
More bad news for Xyience as two of their CEOs have just jumped ship. These guys stuck around just long enough to set up golden parachutes. Nice. Also, there’s another sketchy Fertitta connection. This Xyience story just gets weirder and weirder.

Denis Kang fighting for K1 on March 15
Let’s see if Kang can bounce back from getting KTFO by Akiyama.

Winter kicks Patrick Cote’s ass
What a stereotypical Canadian story. Patrick Cote is off the UFC83 card because he slipped on a patch of ice and fucked his knee up.

Above: 10 year olds do MMA (for reals). Yes, I shit you not. This is 10 minutes of little kids beating the shit out of eachother. Well, more like one kid pummeling another for the majority of the match. Fucked up? Yes. Awesome? Maybe a little. All I know is we’re one step closer to a fucking Thunderdome society.

More videos after the jump:

Two yokozunas fighting : Only the Japanese can make two fatties fighting seem classy. Here’s a historic moment in sumo history: two Yokozunas duking it out for supremacy.

Lookit Shogun’s titties : Here’s a video where Shogun is rocking a uni-boob.

Chuck Liddell + Ron Jeremy + Supplements = Fail : I have no idea how this guy managed to convince Ron Jeremy and Chuck Liddell to participate in such a banal peice of advertising. Simply terrible.

Sean Taylor versus Jason “Mayhem” Miller : This is an entertaining fight just because Sean Taylor get caught in about every single submission ever known to man and hangs on through sheer gusto alone. Apparently Sean is dead now … I don’t know what killed him but considering his refusal to quit it must have been a train or something crazy.

Matt Hughes’ Hit Squad Gym Opening : Blah blah blah informative Matt Hughes gym video.

Anderson Silva vs Jeremy Horn : This is a highlight video of the fight with terrible music overlayed on top. There should be a fucking law against dubbing over MMA with rap music. Regardless, I thought you might wanna see how Silva does against a guy like Horn, so here you go.

Windy Tomomi vs Emi Tomimatsu : Windy Tomomi is the chick who’s leg exploded during that Bodog fight video. The fact that she’s back in the ring after that blows me away.

Chuck Norris Jiu Jitsu display : On any other day, this would get top billing, but it doesn’t quite beat children’s MMA. Here’s Chuck Norris putting on a ‘display’ of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to some totally bitching 80’s rock. I especially like how Chuck flares his hands after every submission like a magician doing a trick.

Two yokozunas fighting

Lookit Shogun’s titties

Chuck Liddell + Ron Jeremy + Supplements = Fail

Sean Taylor versus Jason “Mayhem” Miller

Matt Hughes’ Hit Squad Gym Opening

Anderson Silva vs Jeremy Horn

WINDY Tomomi vs Emi Tomimatsu

Chuck Norris Jiu Jitsu display

Man, Diego Sanchez has turned into a real wuss over the past few months. I’ve never been a huge fan of him as a person, but I did give him a good amount of respect after the war with Karo Parisyan. But 2007 was a shitty year for him … well, as shitty as a year can be when you get to pound cootch cobbler like Ali Sonoma’s.

He lost to Koscheck, which was kinda understandable because he thought he had Hep C at the time. Then he lost to Jon Fitch, and you don’t even really need to give an excuse for that. Of course that didn’t stop Diego from blaming everything and everyone but himself for that and all other problems in his life.

Jesse Holland ( And after that you had your second loss to Jon Fitch. I’ll bet that didn’t help ease any of the pain from loss #1.

Diego Sanchez: My life was in transition then. I changed teams, I changed camps, my training was different, my drills were different, everything changed. I still went into the fight and attacked. I may have had the wrong strategy. I probably should have kept it standing more but I was always going for the finish. He held position. He didn’t once try to pass my guard or do any kind of damage. He hit me with two punches and glancing hammer fists. If the guys over at American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) are happy with just squeaking out these wins then let them have it. To me winning with as little effort as possible is nothing to be proud of. If you want to be proud, be proud of a war – win or lose.

This whole interview is nothing but a big sob story. “Wah wah, Greg Jackson wanted me to drop down to lightweight. Boo hoo, there’s another welterweight in my camp. Wawa wee wa, Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch never hurt me.” Shut up already, guy. One interesting thing to note as well is he says he’s still with Ali Sonoma (something she denies, but hey … I wouldn’t admit I was dating him either).

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