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I really wish I could dish more about this than I can at the moment but I’m in an airport stuck listening to the world’s loudest bitch argue on a cellphone with the garage that’s detailing her car. I’d move, but we’re both using the only fucking power plug in the god forsaken airport. This conversation has been going on for the past 45 minutes and her shit is ruining my zen. So rather than write a poorly constructed and generally tame thingy of my own, let me lay out the salient points about the whole ‘Mark Cuban is suing the UFC’ thing.

The testicles of the story from MMA Junkie:

On Wednesday, Cuban and the Texas-based HDNet Fights organization filed suit in district court in Dallas. While the UFC’s lawsuit centers on Couture’s employment contract and its one-year non-compete clause, Cuban wants clarification on the status of Couture under his promotional contract.

“The lawsuit filed by HDNet Fights asks the Texas court to provide the company with declaratory relief — a ruling on when Couture’s promotional contract will expire,” Swift reported for “A favorable ruling could clear the way for a highly anticipated showdown between Couture and Fedor Emelianenko this fall, potentially promoted by HDNet Fights.”

And the most interesting theory which sounds good at first glance and could change the fight game for good:

Cuban has spoken recently about Zuffa’s contracts and their possible non-compliance with the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act. Could this also be a tactic that HDNet Fights uses in it’s seeking of declaratory relief? Inclusion of MMA under the act and it’s provisions against multi-fight, long term contracts between Fighter and Promoter would greatly affect the value of Zuffa’s UFC. Zuffa’s number one asset is it’s exclusive contracts with it’s some 250 fighters. I’m not sure if HDNet Fights/Cuban would be able to launch a legal motion to have UFC covered by the Ali Act or if that is something Couture would have to sue Zuffa over. As Zuffa steps up it’s legal wranglings against Couture, one has to believe that either Cuban or Couture will seek to use the Ali act in the legal warfare that is ensuing.

I’ll hopefully find a less annoying place to nest later on and I can give you my own thoughts on the subject. But in short, this is all pretty troubling news. I’m starting to wonder if everyone fucking with the UFC isn’t akin to the villagers killing the golden goose. Sure, the goose is a prick. But it still lays golden fucking eggs.

For those of you who are saying “Wah wah, the Rich Bergeron interview is too long, I can’t pay attention to anything longer than 20 minutes that doesn’t have nipples attached”, I say you really really should go take a listen! Not just because it’s interesting and 6 months from now when the story blows up you’ll feel really smart for being in the know, but because of the hardships I endured recording this for you.

As you know, I like to losen up for radio shows by downing several beers and energy drinks. I call it my ‘upper downer mixer’ … it’s fucktastic. Unfortunately halfway through the interview I had to piss – like cold chills and shaking legs piss. I didn’t want to interrupt Rich … we were right in the middle of some really good stuff. I’d quantify it as ‘Radio Magic’, even. So rather than stop the interview I peed in the top of a cd spindle. For you guys.

So go check out the interview. Make my pee shame worth it.

Boy oh boy, HDNet’s been banging my box all day … my MAIL box! No less than 4 emails have come through saying “Watch Inside MMA! We’re got REALLY BIG NEWS” for you tonight! No word on what that news will be, but they’ve got Randy Couture, Kim Couture and Gina Carano on the panel, so my bet is something regarding Randy. Considering everyone already knows he’s got an injunction filed against him, I wonder what it could be?

Anyways, if you’ve got no life the show is on tonight (Friday) at 9:30. This is the first Friday in a while that I’m not going to be curled up on the couch with my bunny slippers and Oreo ice cream with Kenny and Bas, so you’ll have to find out on your own.

No, this isn’t the preview for David Mamet’s new MMA movie ‘Redbelt’ … as the blog title says, you can get that shit at BloodyElbow. This is the one for the new Indiana Jones movie. I considered posting up Redbelt, but thought “Eh, screw it”. Everyone’s got their fingers crossed that Mamet’s movie won’t suck balls, but I’d rather just concentrate on the movie we know will suck balls so no one gets disappointed.

(above: the James Thompson vs Yoshida match you were all talking about in the EliteXC video preview)

Hi guys. I’m headed off to Chicago this morning for the weekend. Original plan was to get some advance posting done, but after my triumphant return to jiu jitsu last night I guess I overworked my body a bit because I came down with the chills and pretty much passed out. So now I expect I should be able to get some nets in the airports and the windy city, things are going to be a little bit irregular. Just a heads up.

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