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Okay, so I obviously can’t make fun of the MMA Girl’s dumb predictions because apparently hers are kinda sorta better than mine. HOWEVER, I can still make fun of the fact that she’s totally obviously high in this video.

I was kinda waiting for official confirmation before I wrote anything about this. Deep down inside I was hoping the whole thing was just a hallucination caused by overdosing on cough syrup and huffing a smidge too much glue. But I’m all out of glue, and I’m still hearing the same shit: Brock Lesnar vs Justin McCully at UFC85 in London.

I have no idea what the fuck the UFC is thinking. McCully is about the least exciting opponent they could possibly book Brock up against. I’d rather watch him fight Jake O’Brien for fuck’s sake. But Jake’s already busy prepping the lay n pray express against Arlovski, and I guess you can’t expect Eddie Sanchez to be the organization’s ‘go to’ sacrificial lamb every time.

But fuck … isn’t Britain full of gigantic heavyweight meatheads? How hard is it to find big dumb fuck in the UK that’ll draw? That way we get a slugfest with some real hype around it, not Cock Chestnar versus Mullet McCully. That kind of match headlining an event would be a total wash. You reserve that kind of fight for armpits like New Jersey or Ireland, not London.

I should have figured that Mark Cuban lurks on the Sherdog forums. If he’s got enough time on his hands to read Fightlinker, he’s got enough time to keep an eye on Sherdog too. Forum members were trying to get an email campaign going to convince Cuban to air World Victory Road’s SENGOKU event on March 5th, but before it even got started Cuban appeared and asked them “Please dear God stop”:

no more emails
we were trying before the emails started. We want every good card anywhere in the world.
nothing ot announce, but we are after it
so no more please..

It is pretty exciting to hear the guy say “We want every good card anywhere in the world”. Even though I’m afraid he’ll accidentally murder MMA by fucking up the business model in the future, I can’t complain about his current strategy of “Show as much MMA as possible.”

While you might think ‘Isn’t that car kinda dirty to be naked in?’, I’d like to point out it’s still less nasty than having Diego Sanchez inside of you. Today’s daily rubout picture was emailed to me by jackal Zane. Getting pics in my email certainly beats digging them up myself so if you have mildly provocative MMA pictures on your hard drive (of the female variety), send em over!

Tickets for UFC84 on sale this week
That event’s
got Pineapple Penn vs Steroid Sherk and Tits Ortiz vs Lame-oto Machida. Hoho, puns! Terrible puns!

Keith Jardine cruisin’ for a bruisin’
I think this is the sixth time we’ve ‘pre-confirmed’ Keith Jardine vs Wanderlei Silva. I’m sure this whole thing is an elaborate setup by Dana White to ‘reward’ Keith for beating Chuck Liddell back at UFC76.

The Klitschkos are the bane of the HW division
If you thought the UFC heavyweight division was kinda fucked, you should check out what’s happening over in boxing. The new two-title champion is a boring piece of shit and his brother is apparently coming back to cause havoc regarding the other HW titles. And not the good kind of ‘havoc’ … the boring shitty kind.

Brandon Vera vs Fabricio Werdum at UFC85
Looks like all that talk about Werdum being next in line for a HW shot was premature. With this fight booked, I have no idea who they have in the wings to challenge Big Nog any time soon.

Kurt Angle is lying again
How many times does Kurt Angle have to say he’s going to fight MMA before people stop believing him? News flash: Pro wrestlers are lying sacks of shit.

WEC show does good ratings?
The WEC show last week did a .5 rating, which is apparently high. The only other time I’ve heard a number so low be considered ‘high’ was when I blew it on a police breathalyser.

Man, I can’t tell you how excited I am about tomorrow. Not only do we have a new comic strip all about Chuck Liddell fucking anything that moves, but we’ll also be posting an interview and custom made highlight video of fellow jackal and top 10 female fighter Roxanne Modafferi. Add in the fact that this is the first week since January where I won’t be in and out of the hospital all the time and you’re going to be seeing the biggest and bestest week at Fightlinker ever!

Thank y’all for sticking through the wanky up and downs of the past few weeks. Shit’s really starting to roll and you’re gonna love what we have in store for ya!

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