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(Sorry for the delay tonight, they were doing something to youtube and barely any of the videos I was trying to watch would load)

(ABOVE)Paul Buentello PUNKS fighters: This is an awesome concept. I’ve always dreamed of asking Dan Henderson about horse erections. Now I guess I’ll have to live vicariously through these guys. Ah well, better than nothing.

All other videos are embedded after the jump!

Dan Henderson on Rome is Burning: Well, if you’ve been saying “Where’s the promo for UFC82, here’s all 5 minutes of it!

UFC 52: Chuck Liddell Vs Randy Couture: Doubt this one will stay up long, so watch it while you can. Chuck actually sliced open Randy Couture’s cornea or some shit with his thumb.

Cory Devela Highlight: If you were wondering “Who’s that douch that danced around for 5 minutes after Joe Riggs hurt his back at Strikeforce?”, here’s a poorly produced highlight for him.

Wanderlei Silva highlight: Just a little reminder of the awesomeness that is Wanderlei Silva. It’s been a shitty 3 fights, but I don’t doubt that Silva will be taking his frustrations out on Keith Jardine.

Nick Diaz Highlight: I miss the ‘old’ Nick Diaz :-(

Herb Dean on the Spratt / Ford situation: Nothing new said here … still says he didn’t hear the bell, doesn’t explain his hand signal right after the bell rings.

Fedor Emelianenko vs Sambo: All of the videos from the 2008 Sambo tournament. If you want to see Fedor make everyone look like amateurs, check these out.

Aleksander Emelianenko vs Dan Bobish: I love watching Aleks kill people.

Dan Henderson on Rome is Burning

UFC 52: Chuck Liddell Vs Randy Couture

Cory Devela Highlight

Wanderlei Silva highlight

Nick Diaz Highlight

Herb Dean on the Spratt / Ford situation

Fedor Emelianenko vs Stanislav Shushko

Fedor Emelianenko quarterfinals – combat sambo 2008

Fedor Emelianenko vs Sang Su Lee

Fedor Emelianenko – semifinals Combat Sambo 2008

Aleksander Emelianenko vs Dan Bobish

We’re back with another interview, this time with top female fighter and fellow jackal Roxanne Modafferi. After recording the interview, I decided not enough people knew how totally awesome Roxy is, so I made a highlight video featuring some of the best moments from all the fights floating around the internet. It was REALLY REALLY hard to crunch this down to something around 5 minutes … the original draft was sitting over 10, but I knew that was a bit excessive. God knows, 5 minutes of Rob Zombie is almost too much as it is, but I find when you’re making a fighter highlight, nothing beats techno metal.

Once you’re done watching the video and you’re in total awe, check out the interview. I apologize for being less (or more depending on your POV) retarded than usual – I was sick so couldn’t really get drunk as I normally do before radio show. But fortunately Roxy carries the show and talks all about life in Japan, the female fight scene, and of course her career past and present. It’s 30 minutes of interviewy goodness!


(or check it out on the handy audio player in the sidebar)

Roxy will be defending her Fatal Femmes Fighting belt on April 3rd in Anahiem, California against Vanessa Porto. I’d fly down on my personal jet but the pope has a conference on world peace that I simply can’t miss … Angelina and Brad insist I attend. For those of you in the area who love a good women scrap, check it out.

The guys at the Fightling Life point out something no one else has: that EliteXC was absolutely nuts when they ageed to pay Tank Abbott 126k to fight Kimbo Slice. They present these two scenarios as the only likely explanations:

1) Elite XC offers Tank $40,000 to fight Kimbo. Tank, being the shrewd businessman that we all know he is, comes back with a counter offer of one thousand more than whatever Kimbo is making. Elite XC accepts without double-checking the amount that they’ve already agreed to give Kimbo. Tank nearly dies of a heart attack when he finds out how much he’s actually making.

2) Elite XC offers Tank $40,000. He asks for more than three times that amount. The Elite XC representatives stare back at him in stunned silence. Tank produces photos of Elite XC president Gary Shaw engaged in a grotesque sexual act with two underage girls, a gay male stripper dressed as Superman, and a heavily sedated tiger. The Elite XC representatives open their check book and ask how many t’s there are in Abbott.

Of course, the simple answer is this: You always pay more for custom-fit. Tank Abbott was a custom-fit opponent for Kimbo Slice … not only was there only a very small chance Tank would win, but EliteXC would be making an important statement when Kimbo trounced Tank: Hail to the new King of Brawl. There’s really no one else out there who fit the bill as perfectly as Abbott, who also came into this fight with several month’s extra promotion on account of the CFFC event. And he knew that.

So while I still think EliteXC should have been able to figure out a way to lessen the raping on Tank’s check, I’m giving Tank credit for sticking to his guns and managing to extort an awesome (hopefully) final payday.

(photo credit goes to Esther, as usual with all things ProElite)

Over the last two days, Mirko Crocop has been featured on JackalTV pouring beer down a chick’s pants and throwing mystery liquids onto unsuspecting Japanese fans. This is all ‘hehehe’ quality shit, not really worth the title one reader gave Mirko as “a huge prankster.”

However, after watching this video, I’m willing to admit that okay, Crocop is pretty good at this prank shit. Anyone who’s willing to get automatic weapons involved is certainly on a different level.

I know what you’re thinking: normally you come on Monday and there’s nary a post since you last checked us out on Friday. But shit’s different now … no more vacations for yours truly, so I was busy banging away at the keyboard all day Saturday and Sunday. Rather than just have you not see the fruits of my labor, here’s a quick list of the hightlights from the weekend you should check out:

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