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The YAMMA surface is still the best kept secret in MMA, but are the lame ass graphics in the background of the YAMMA advertisements the ‘cage’ that the fights will take place in? What other reason is there really to stick such an ugly looking thing in the background? Certainly has a ‘Thunderdome’ look to it though. And as you know, I’m ALL ABOUT Thunderdome.

Also announced for YAMMA are the two superfights: Oleg Taktarov vs Don Frye and Butterbean vs Gary Goodridge. YAMMA missed the point a bit of bringing back the old UFC stars – as in you need the guys that idiot non-fans remember and loved. Will Taktarov, Frye, and Goodridge be big enough to pull fans? I dunno, I guess it depends if YAMMA’s parters at Live!Nation are pushing this event like a motherfucker on mainstream radio and TV across the country. Which I doubt.

The tournament also isn’t looking too shabby, although how heavyweights are expected to keep shit exciting across an entire night is beyond me. 99% of heavyweight fights are terrible after 3 minutes, let alone 3 fights. But there’s some good names in there. I’m putting my money on Travis Wiuff, who has more wins on his record than all the rest of the guys in the tournament combined.

(aah, the good old days when Arianny was known as ‘the one with the big boobs’)
What the fuck is going on lately? Where’s all the fucking news? I’m going through like 300 articles a day and I just realized there’s really nothing happening that I didn’t already talk about or that I don’t plan on talking about tomorrow.

I’m getting a bit nervous. It seems like the UFC is trying to lock up all their lineups for the next three months, and then there’ll be nothing for us to talk about other than Fighter X saying “I totally think I can beat Fighter Y.” Kill me now.

Anyways, here’s your girl.

Not a whole lot of videos up today. Statistically speaking, I have no idea why some days are great and others are shit. But today there was nothing but a bunch of goofballs beating on eachother in their backyards, plus these nuggets of goodness:

(ABOVE)John Hackleman asks tough questions: User #1 Jackal pointed me towards John Hackleman’s Youtube page where he asks a whole bunch of fighters hard hitting questions regarding eggs and toast.

Other videos embedded below after the jump!

Kimura Arm Snap: My question is if that was the bone snapping, or the sound of something popping out of it’s joint? Funny sound though.

Gina Carano on American Gladiators: This shit just makes me cry. Why anyone would walk away from MMA for a carnival attraction like American Gladiators is beyond me. I ‘get’ doing it for money. But to abandon us? FOR SHAME!

Ernesto Hoost Highlight: As with most K1 highlights, this is full of hardcore kicks to the face. If only K1 events were as good as the highlights.

Kimura Arm Snap

Gina Carano on American Gladiators

Ernesto Hoost Highlight

The name for UFC 84 has been announced and it’s being called “Ill Will”. I’m gonna give the UFC a bit of credit … they’ve done a fuckload of events over the years and generally the names have been decent and at worst easily ignorable. But “Ill Will”? Come on now.

Here’s some other names that would have been just as good if not better:

  • Penn vs Sherk: Pride of a Juicer
  • Jardine vs Silva: Hey, watch some guy die
  • Ortiz vs Machida: Watch Tito Ortiz Lose
  • Ortiz vs Machida: Washout

It’s starting to look like the safety streak MMA and MMA-derivative sports had going for it has come to an end. First Sammy Vasquez dies, then someone training just drops dead, and now another close call leads to a fighter from Chuck Norris’ World Combat League in the hospital:

Houston-area mixed martial artist Jesse Vasquez is in serious, but stable condition after collapsing following a World Combat League fight Saturday night in Tulsa, Okla.

Details regarding what happened during the event at Expo Square Pavilion are limited at this time. According to a comment posted on a blog, the 33-year-old Vasquez completed the first part of his fight on the WCL card but collapsed afterward and was transported to the hospital. Fighters in WCL events compete in two three-minute halves with a break in between.

There’s not enough details at the moment to say for sure what happened, but I was watching “WCL’s Greatest Knockouts” over the weekend and what kept popping into my mind is how they kept letting fighters who have been KO’d to get back up and fight some more. The sport uses the standing 8-count and then the ref decides if the fighter is fit to go on. Out of the 25 knockouts on the DVD, I’d say around 10 of them featured fighters who had been knocked out getting back up and being allowed to continue. And surprise surprise, all of them ended up getting knocked the fuck out again.

I really can’t stress how dangerous and stupid that shit is. If a fighter gets knocked out, then he should NEVER be allowed to get back up and keep fighting. First off, they’re in no state to protect themselves properly, which makes the damage they’re liable to get a lot more dangerous. Secondly, who knows how bad two knockouts in a row can fuck up a dude’s brain? I’m sure there’s studies, and I’m sure they all say “It’s pretty damned bad.”

Anyways, as I said, there’s no information on the situation surrounding this guy’s case. But I just wanted to put it out there that some of the rules in the WCL are fucking stupid and dangerous.

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