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Own a kitschy piece of MMA history

Long long long ago in a time historians refer to as ‘The 2009’, an organization named WAMMA roamed the earth. It’s goal: to become a sanctioning body for mixed martial arts, because that worked out oh so well for boxing. Fans jeered it, media mocked it, and it never gained any traction. The only belt ever awarded was to Fedor Emelianenko for defeating Tim Sylvia at Affliction’s first event. Shinya Aoki technically won one at Dynamite!! 2008 but as far as anyone can tell he never got the hardware to go along with the prestigious title of WAMMA Lightweight Champion.

Amazingly enough, WAMMA ended up going out of business and from time to time relics from it’s era end up surfacing on eBay. Now you have a chance to buy one of their belts … sadly, not the velcro monstrosity they created the first time around but the one with neat red lego-looking lettering. The starting bid is $1,595.00 and shockingly enough, no one has placed a bid!

Available is this championship belt made by Orlando Roman of ChampionCraft, the official belt maker for Strikeforce, Bellator, EliteXC, Cage Rage, MFC and many more top MMA promotions around the world. For a limited time, I’m making available the official championship belt for the World Alliance of Mix Martial Arts (WAMMA). This is not a cheap toy replica, it is the actual belt that is awarded to the WAMMA champion. Only 4 belts were ever made and Fedor Emelianenko owns the first one, which first debuted on Nov 7, 2009 on CBS for the Strikeforce / M-1 Global event “Fedor Vs. Rodgers”.

The belt is a 3 plate design dual plated in Nickel Silver and 24 Kt gold. Hand detail painted and set with simulated diamonds and purple gem stones. The WAMMA logo is molded out of an acylic resin, a feature you will not find in most championship belts today. You can’t buy this anywhere. It’s only available through me. Paypal or certified banks checks are the only payment method I’ll accept for this rare collector’s item. Good luck and Happy Bidding.

So no, this isn’t part of the ‘M-1 Global Screwed Me’ garage sale currently being run by Jerry Millen. Which is too bad, because if it had hung around Fedor’s ample gut it might be worth more than the gold and purple gemstones it’s made of. No word on if we’ll get a chance to buy the WAMMA ring or scepter of power. I think I’m going to wait until this one shows up somewhere:

I can only hope I also get some of what those WAMMA guys were smoking with my purchase.