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Does anyone else get the feeling that Marcus Davis vs Chris Lytle has been built up way too much, and now it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a disappointment? I’m trying to stay grounded since I don’t see this as anything other than a battle between welterweight gatekeepers, but with articles like this it’s hard not to get your hopes up a little:

In his last four UFC fights, Lytle has won submission of the night at UFC 73, knockout of the night at UFC 81 and fight of the night at both UFC 78 and UFC 89. Davis has a similar record, having won both submission of the night and fight of the night at UFC 75 and knockout of the night at UFC 72.

That’s three fight of the night awards, two knockouts of the night and two submissions of the night, all of them coming in the last 18 months.

What makes this fight interesting, though, is that that’s not good enough for either Davis or Lytle.

“I don’t want this to be the fight that people talk about just at the water cooler the next day,” Davis said. “I want this to be the fight that when I’m 50 and people see me, this is the fight they’re going to talk about.

“I want this fight to be the gauge, the fight where everybody says, ‘I hope this will be as good as the Davis-Lytle fight.’ I hope that this is so good that my next fight will be Chris Lytle again.”

The good news here is that both Lytle and Davis annoy me with their respective shticks – Davis with his faux-Irish crap and Lytle because his career exists only because of generous matchmaking from the UFC. So as long as one of them loses on Saturday, I’ll be satisfied.