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Overeem’s NYE face-shoving incident gets a court date

The woman Alistair Overeem allegedly face-shoved on NYE weekend in Vegas now has her day in court:

A representative for the Nevada District Attorney’s office told ( that Overeem’s non-jury trial is set for March 27 in Las Vegas. Non-jury trials are the state’s standard for misdemeanor charges.

If convicted, Overeem faces up to six months in prison and a maximum $1,000 fine. Las Vegas defense attorney David Chesnoff will defend the fighter in court.

According to the “Las Vegas Review-Journal,” Overeem was cited by Las Vegas police on Jan. 2 when he allegedly pushed or shoved a woman in the face, “causing her to stagger back.” Overeem wasn’t technically arrested and instead was summoned to court on Feb. 21, when his trial date was set.

Alistair’s side of the story as told second-hand by Dana White is that “some lady started yelling at him and swinging at him”, which doesn’t sound that surprising. Vegas is a city full to the brim of women willing to f*ck a troll for 150 bucks. What will they do to potentially land a six, seven, or even eight figure settlement? Pick a fight with a contender for the UFC heavyweight belt?

  • iamphoenix says:

    Every time this woman closes her eyes she has flashbacks from that time she staggered back.

  • SHORT_BUS says:

    I saw that Alistair won’t be in court for the hearing (not required), anyone know if the chick he’s accused of shoving will be there?

    I would think she’d need to be there so Overeem’s attorney can question her under oath (as guaranteed under the the Confrontation Clause of the 6th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution). What are the chances that some drunk tourist from Iowa (or wherever she’s from) will fly all the way back to Vegas to be a part of this thing? Or is she a local skeezer looking for a payday?

    I bet this thing gets dropped or he cops to some minor charge like disorderly conduct.