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Overeem talks Golden Glory split

Video blogs are a dime a dozen nowadays, but one that’s always worth checking out is THE REEM, Alistair Overeem’s vlog series. Beautifully shot, edited, and scored, each episode is basically a little HBO 24/7 covering everything going on in Ubereem’s life. This time he walks us through his split with his former management and training team Golden Glory:

On the split of Golden Glory, the latest big issue on my mind. I don’t wanna go into to much details but there are a lot of questions surrounding the matter. I got a lot of questions from fans, friends, and everybody and I do feel like I need to explain a little more about the situation. I need to clarify some items.

So as of a month ago I split from Golden Glory. This due to a result of approximately a year and a half, two years of small dissatisfaction points that we were talking about and improving. Like any relationship you have issues and you work on them and I’ve been with Golden Glory for 11 years. There have been issues in the past, sometimes small and sometimes big, and we overall always worked them out.

But during contract negotiations with the UFC something happened that I found out by myself that was not told by me which was … kept secret from me. Bas Boon, currently living in Thailand, has been doing all communication with the UFC. Bas Boon was not able to join me to sign the contract. And basically a lot of communication was done over email and by phone I spoke to the man every day as to what was going on in contract negotiations.

Because Bas wasn’t there I had a lawyer that went through the contract with me step by step. What me and the lawyer found out was there were details in the contract that were to my disadvantage that were an advantage to Golden Glory and were also not explained to me by Golden Glory. Particularly by Bas, because I had daily contact with him over the phone and over email.

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It’s your management’s duty to explain stuff to the fighter, that’s what they’re there for, they’re there to negotiate, to explain things, to clarify things for me. And they were not doing their job. And not only that, it was such a disadvantage that it also caused a breach in trust. I like to work with people I can trust. And of course there’s gonna be miscommunications, that’s always in any relationship.

But in what happened, this UFC contract is the biggest contract in my life. This is the biggest moment in my life. The biggest fights are coming now in the UFC. It’s going to be a very exciting couple of years coming ahead. And there cannot be miscommunications. It has to be clear. Which makes me decide to be “No.” Dispite that they are good management to the other fighters maybe – I cannot judge on that. But to me, they are not good management. They’re bad management. They’re harmful management.

This just makes me all the more curious about what Golden Glory had in the UFC contract that was so good for them but so bad for Alistair. It shouldn’t be any surprise that GG would use Alistair as a foot in the door to get other campmates in – that’s exactly what they did in Strikeforce and it resulted in Alistair’s oh so worthy brother getting a job. Dana already stopped them from doing that whole “You pay us, we pay the fighter” sketchiness. So what could it be?