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Overeem sentenced over NYE face shoving incident

(“Whoa there buddy. Remember your anger management training!”)

Alistair Overeem’s day in court for faceshoving some chick at a Vegas club over New Years weekend has come and gone with no further details on what the f*ck actually went down. Because Overeem waived his right to a trial and instead hammered out a deal with the district attorney, juicy details are lacking. Instead, we hear that Overeem will have to perform 50 hours of community service and take anger management classes if he wants the misdemeanor battery charge dropped.

Overeem wasn’t even in court (he was busy press conferencing / drug testing across town) but did have this to say afterwards about the situation:

“Being famous in the States is definitely different than being famous in Holland or anywhere else, and it comes with a lot of advantages and some disadvantages. You need to learn how to deal with it,” said Overeem, who is now employing a security detail. “In Holland, I can just go to the grocery store and buy my eggs and milk, and here you might be under attack. Some situation may come up and you’re drawn into it and suddenly it’s world news.

“We don’t have that in Holland.”

Do they have civil court in Holland? Or gold diggers who’ll use your guilty plea to try and weasel some money out of you in said court? Learning about America is great, isn’t it?