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Overeem has to pee like a racehorse

Alistair Overeem was late in delivering his first urine sample to the NSAC, but you can probably blame that on his sick mother.  As required by his conditional license, he provided another batch of his 2011 vintage on Monday, though the results likely won’t come back until after his fight with Brock Lesnar this Friday night.  But he’s still not done yet:

Overeem and Lesnar will be subject to two additional urine drops in accordance with NSAC policy. Each must deliver a specimen prior to Friday’s fight that will be subsequently tested for PEDs. And, immediately following the UFC heavyweight title eliminator, urine samples will be taken and analyzed for drugs of abuse.

Also in accordance with the terms of his conditional licensure by Nevada, Overeem is subject to two random tests by the state regulatory body within the first six months of 2012.

So by next July, Overeem will have been piss-tested at least five times in seven months (and some on only 48 hours notice), though not all will be analyzed for PEDs.  Any more and he’ll start to sympathize with Baba Suwe.  If the NSAC finds nothing in that many tests, they’ll have proven one of two things: either The Reem is roid-free, or piss-testing alone is useless against cheaters who really know how to cheat.  Unfortunately, we’ll probably never know which one it is.