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Overeem and Mousasi barely break a sweat

The two super squash matches at Dynamite ended pretty much exactly as everyone expected, with both Gegard Mousasi and Alistair Overeem dispatching their opponents in under two minutes each. There was nothing particularly satisfying about the matches … they ended so quickly we barely got to see anything at all.

Here’s how the Overeem / Fujita fight played out. The first knee to the face, Fujita took it and didn’t even blink. The second one though, dropped him right through the ropes where he lay for a good 5 minutes staring in frozen horror at the ceiling of the Saitama Super Arena. Overeem had the good grace to act concerned and even slightly abashed as old Ironhead was stretchered away from ringside.

As for Mousasi, he took Gary Goodridge down with ease and then started blasting away. Goodridge managed to keep composure for about a minute before Mousasi got him to roll over onto his side and cover up. From there it didn’t take long for the ref to step in and stop the fight, followed by Gary doing his standard “Why’d you stop the fight?” lameness he’s become known for lately.

All in all, these were fights weren’t worth having and barely worth watching.