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While the UFC did show Tamdan McCrory’s fight at UFC 96, they cut out his entrance and after-fight speech. Normally, that’s no big deal because how often does something interesting happen then? But this time you guys missed out on one of the most interesting stories of the night in my opinion.

McCrory comes into the cage to some fucking terrible 80s style rock song, really peppy and uppity. The whole time he’s got this look on his face like someone just shit in his cornflakes. From there he goes on to fight with some serious aggression, taking out Ryan Madigan with epic elbows. Afterwards, Joe Rogan talks to him and the first thing Tamdan says is “I want everyone to know, that wasn’t the song I wanted. Dana picked that song and it was not my song. I wanted Thunderhorse from Metalocalypse!”

You can see the Thunderhorse ‘video’ above, and it’s right fucking wicked. Why Dana White would deny McCrory the right to walk into this song is beyond me, and it’s not the only time he’s done this to fighters. I’ve heard that tons of fighters have their songs refused. Hell, Matt Hamill’s choice “Hang on Sloopy” was almost denied before Dana learned that it was an Ohio wrestling anthem. And that was the entrance of the night! Simply put, if Dana ‘doesn’t get it’, he vetoes it, and with that he robs the fighters of their right to choose and us to hear a song that represents the fighter.

So I put forward this: Dana White must be stopped. I don’t care if Dong Hyun Kim wants to come into something uber-gay like DJ Sammy’s Heaven. So what if Joe Stevenson’s Oingo Boingo doesn’t sound as ‘full’ as the latest hip hop bullshit? A fighter spends months preparing for a fight … the least they deserve is to walk in to the song they fucking pick.

So this is the beginning of OPERATION THUNDERHORSE. Our mission: to let fighters get final say on the songs they pick. A full plan is being formulated as we speak to harass the UFC until they give in to our demands. This will not be easy, some ethical lines may have to be crossed, and some feathers might get ruffled. But we will fight to raise awareness of fighters getting stuck with lame ass shit Dana likes rather than the stuff they choose. We will fight for their right to come in to goofy, terrible music. We fight … for FREEDOM!