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A story that started out with a big bang and Tito Ortiz in jail looks like it will end with a whimper and reconciliation.

Jenna, who accused Tito of injuring her during an argument, now tells TMZ, “What actually happened has now been dramatically distorted and misinterpreted and remarks that both Tito and I made after the police arrived reflect the state of shock that we were both in.” Translation — he didn’t hurt me.

As for Tito, we’re told he’s now backing off what he strongly insinuated … that Jenna is an OxyContin addict. We’re told Tito’s position now is that he found two OxyContin pills and may have jumped to conclusions. Jenna says the pills were very old. And, as we first reported, Jenna tested negative for drugs this week.

Tito’s lawyer, Chip Matthews, tells TMZ the whole thing was “a big misunderstanding.”

Yeah, Jenna Jameson misunderstanding that falsely accusing someone of beating on women is okay. Jenna’s story had raised a number of eyebrows because it kept changing depending on how pissed at Tito she was at the time. And to top it off, Fighters Only noticed a few other problems with her story as well:

Jameson’s claims to have torn ligaments in her shoulder, which she told one media source was a rotator cuff injury, were cast into doubt almost immediately when she was seen carrying a massive suitcase with the supposedly injured arm, carrying a child and slamming a heavy Jeep door with no apparent discomfort.

Cynical onlookers felt she was playing the victim and this was exacerbated by her wearing a gigantic bandage on her supposedly injured arm, placing the strap on… her elbow. Biology locates the rotator cuff in the shoulder, which makes one wonder what benefit an elbow bandage would provide.

So let this be a lesson: don’t get between a girl and her oxies.