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Ontario’s Premiere shoots down MMA

Dana White has been banging the drum for MMA in Ontario pretty hard for a long time, but those in the province know first hand what we’re up against: a bunch of hard headed, lazy incompetents who don’t want to bother allowing something that’ll make money for the province and  millions for the local economy at large.

But I was hopeful things might change … after all, Dana White and the UFC know how to grease the wheels of politics: they hire insiders who throw cash around, exert influence and trade favors. While this approach has worked wonders across America, it hasn’t been quite enough in Ontario (I don’t know whether to be happy or sad that this de facto bribery hasn’t worked). Here’s the premiere of the province shooting MMA down.

Despite the likelihood such matches would generate much-needed tax revenue for the cash-strapped province and jobs, McGuinty said it’s “just not a priority.”

“We have higher priorities when it comes to developing those jobs and strengthening the economy,” said McGuinty, who has suggested in the past he was open to having mixed martial arts fights in Ontario.

“We have other things on the go right now, and we’ll stay focused on those, whether that’s our tax reforms, stimulating the economy through investments in infrastructure, getting our children better opportunities at the outset.”

Re-read that last paragraph and you’ll see that America isn’t the only country that has politicians spouting Palin-esque nonsense speak. There’s nothing better than these momos acting like only one thing can be handled at a time. You’d think a province that runs one of the most bloated bullshit bureaucracies in the world would be able to handle the simple act of decriminalizing mixed martial arts while still ‘getting our children better opportunities at the outset’, whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean. But I guess since it’s apparently one or the other, someone’s gotta think of the children. /sarcasm