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Ontario politicians accuse UFC of effective lobbying

There’s still a lot of hysteria and sour grapes in Canada regarding MMA since Vancouver’s vagina caught fire and Ontario legislated the sport. The Canadian Medical Association voted last week to call for a ban based on very little evidence and the fact that MMA’s purpose ‘is to maim or injure somebody.’ Stupid idiots. Don’t they know the maiming and injury is just a byproduct of the raw violence and bloodshed us MMA fans really crave?

On top of that, it seems like we weren’t the only ones who were suspicious of Ontario’s 180 degree turnaround on the subject of the sport. This story is all over the Canadian news:

The NDP renewed its call Friday for Ontario’s integrity watchdog to investigate whether illegal lobbying played a role in the governing Liberals giving their blessing to mixed martial arts. NDP justice critic Peter Kormos wrote a second letter to commissioner Lynn Morrison, saying there’s a new development that raises questions about whether unregistered lobbying may be going on.

The Ontario Liberal Party is advertising a $250-a-ticket fundraiser Oct. 19 hosted by former premier David Peterson and his colleague Noble Chummar, who is a registered lobbyist for Ultimate Fighting Championship, he said. The close relationship between UFC, Chummar and Peterson raises questions given the government is developing regulations around mixed martial arts, he added.

Peterson confirmed that Chummar is a registered lobbyist for UFC. But Peterson denied he has had any contact with the provincial government about MMA.

“I’m not a lobbyist,” he said.

If the name David Peterson sounds familiar, it’s because the UFC hired his law firm back in 2009 to help legalize MMA. It’s interesting to hear him say “I’m not a lobbyist”, because that’s exactly what his firm’s website calls him in an article entitled “David Peterson and Noble Chummar Represent UFC”:

On November 21, 2009, The Toronto Star noted that David Peterson and Noble Chummar are representing Ultimate Fighting Championship as lobbyists. UFC is lobbying for legal acceptance of the sport in Ontario. UFC is currently banned in Ontario because it contravenes Section 83 of Canada’s Criminal Code which bans “prize fights” except for sanctioned boxing.

He’s also a bigtime Liberal party fundraiser. Soooo I think you can see how the sausage got made here. But don’t worry. In this one singular case, the results of lobbying are actually positive for you! And even though the ‘how’ of it all is morally questionable, at the end of the day I’m sure they covered their asses legally.