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Only 0.5% of readers know that Clay Guida is cursed

Not to put Semmy Schiavo down or anything, but he sure doesn’t seem to have the support of many fans going into his fight with Clay Guida. Not since the heady days of 2006 where voters declared their apathy for Tim Sylvia vs Jeff Monson has there been such a one sided vote! Which to me is a bit surprising, considering the fact that Clay Guida consistently manages to lose (even when he’s supposed to win). And when he does win, he STILL loses.

I’m sure all these people who are voting on him at know this as well. If you asked them if they wanted to bet money on the fight I imagine a lot of them would go “Shyeah … about that…”. For those of you foolish enough to still consider the option: a cautionary tale.

Thanks to jackal Godzillad for sending along the heads up on this! We’re butt brothers (it’s not what you think).

  • kentyman says:

    You’re giving the fans too much credit. It’s not that they think Clay Guida is gonna beat Semmy Schiavo. It’s that they think the guy with the mugshot is gonna beat the guy with “PHOTO COMING SOON” for a face.

  • Come on! He weighs N/A pounds! Now that’s HARDCORE

  • kentyman says:

    That’s a definitive… weight… disadvantage.

  • kentyman says:

    The Frenchman, Samy Schiavo, weighs in at zero pounds (zero stone). Everything else… is virtually… i-dentical.

    As-always-we-go-now-to-the-veteran-voice-of-The-Octagon… HERE’S! Bruce Buffer.

  • Accomando says:

    Guida rules.

    BTW, did you hear Goldy before the lesnar fight when the camera zoomed in on all the “stars” in the audience. M.G. about creamed when he saw a WWE star and yelled his name with serious intensity…..


  • Atom says:

    Whenever you link old posts (2006-ers) like this, I realize that you were funny even BEFORE I started coming to the site, and that the next time I’m up late w/ nothing to do, and the resevoir has already been emptied, I could probably go through all of them.

    (or for the Jackal faithful…the next time your ass troubles prevent posting for a week)

  • One of the goals we have is to constantly link back to older stuff as much as possible so you get to relive the ‘magic’ 😉

    I’m always happy to hear what people think, compare new and old. There’s always a split between people who think I suck now compared to before and those who say I’m way better now.

  • Tommy says:

    Ummm…if by cursed you mean too stupid to figure out how to finish the fights, then you’re right.