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There is this crazy, unconfirmed rumor going around online that in Saitama, Japan over the weekend (no actual time is confirmed), they had this super secret MMA show called DREAM 7. The show apparently had some kind of 139 pound Featherweight tournament according to word on the street. Now, I can’t find enough written about it online to confirm if it was real or just a rumor yet, but here is what people are saying happened:

Bibiano Fernandes defeated Takafumi Otsuka by unanimous decision.

Joe Warren defeated Chase Beebe by TKO (doctor stoppage) at the end of the first round. The stoppage was due to a cut Beebe received over his right eye.

Abel Cullum defeated Akiyo Nishiura by unanimous decision

Mitsuhiro Ishida defeated Daisuke Nakamura by unanimous decision.

Shinya Aoki defeated David Gardner by rear naked choke submission at 5:58 of the first round.

Tatsuya Kawajiri defeated Ross Ebanez by rear naked choke submission at 4:03 of the first round.

Hiroyuki Takaya defeated Jong Wun Kim by TKO due to punches at 0:40 of the second round.

Yoshiro Maeda defeated Micah Miller by decision

Masakazu Imanari defeated Atsushi Yamamoto by split decision.

Now, if this show really even happened (and again, there is no confirmation of this. It could just be a wild rumor, like the one about Randy Couture being a bad ass in the cage, but a pussywhipped shell of a man at home) then the show drew a house of 8 people paid, 30,000 forced at gun point to attend by local Yakuza, one guy who just came in real fast to grab a bowl of Ramen noodles from the Saitama Super Arena concession stand then bounced, and a family who came in to ask for directions on how to get away from there. More on this story as it develops!