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One step forward, two steps back

Just in case you were getting hopeful that Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones might actually happen, here’s Anderson Silva pouring cold water all over that idea:

“That question (about facing Jones) has to be made to Dana White. Let’s ask if he will give me 50% of the UFC. If he goes, who knows rolls this fight, “said the Brazilian, responding continues his career after ending his contract with the organization, which provides two additional duels.

“I have my projects out of the UFC and I want to put them into practice. To open my school (martial arts) in Los Angeles. I do my thing, take a breath a little, take time with my family. I have better things to do (than just taking punch in the face).”

Oh, the joys of dealing with an artist like Anderson Silva. But hey, on the plus side we now have what could be taken as the first round of price negotiation. It’s a long way from 50% of the UFC (which is valued at roughly 2.5 billion dollars) to something more realistic (20 million, or a sizable chunk of 1.5 mil PPV sales). But Dana swore to the gods of MMA that this fight would happen. He wouldn’t lie to us. Would he?