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One of us?

I never thought I’d see a day where the guy running the California State Athletic Commission WASN’T a gigantic cock. And while I’m still not 100% sure temp head Bill Douglas is on the level, articles like this give me hope that he’s ‘one of us’:

“I never hide that I’m a big professional wrestling fan,” said Douglas.

“I have an extensive tape collection of pro wrestling and it’s depressing when you watch matches from 15 years ago and how many of the people have passed away. I’m starting a tape collection of boxing and MMA, and I don’t want to look back in 15 years and see the same thing happen.”

He noted that he’ll never forget the feeling he had in 2005 when Eddie Guerrero, a pro wrestling superstar, was found dead in a hotel room just hours before he was scripted to win a world heavyweight championship.

My general position on steroids is you can’t allow an environment to foster where the athletes who want to compete without steroids can’t do that because everyone else is juicing. While MMA and pro wrestling are apples and oranges, I can’t help but get behind a guy who sees beyond the suspensions and punishments to the human price of the steroids equation.