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One mistake will kill you

If you spend your evenings watching those shows where survival experts go out into the wilderness, you may or may not know that oftentimes they need to be rescued when shit goes awry. And it goes awry quite a bit. The smallest accident or mistake can spell out the end of things if you don’t have a good safety net.

To see what happens when you don’t have that, take a look at what happened to Evan Tanner. More details have come out on what happened in the California desert, and it seems like Tanner was the victim of a simple miscalculation:

Police suspect Tanner may have been hiking to or from Clapp Spring, which is described on the Bureau of Land Management’s Web site as a palm oasis and permanent water source for wildlife. Locals say Clapp Spring is little more than a muddy patch that supports a few palm trees but does not have enough water to drink.