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One big “MAYBE” attached to Fedor vs Choi

Sam Caplan recently did an interview of sorts with Crazy Fedor’s Crazy Manager Vadim Finkelstein, and Vadim basically confirmed Hong Man Choi as Fedor’s NYE opponent:

Sam Caplan: Recent speculation has suggested that Hong Man Choi will be fighting Fedor on the card. Has an opponent for Fedor been determined? If so, can you name that opponent?

Vadim Finkelstein: Hong Man Choi is most likely to be Fedor’s opponent for New Year’s. There are other candidates, which we are not revealing at this time.

Of course, I don’t think anything will be announced for sure until after December 8th, when Choi battles through the K1 World Grand Prix Finals. What the fuck is that? It’s a three round kickboxing tournament featuring some of the biggest and baddest motherfuckers in kickboxing history. Choi is slotted up against Jerome LeBanner in the first round, and it doesn’t get any easier moving forward.

Honestly, I’ll be amazed if Choi makes it out of this thing intact. Let’s cross our fingers that he doesn’t, so Yarennoka is forced to get Fedor a real contender.

  • marshal says:

    Make love to the camera guys.

  • Thomas says:

    I’m as tired of Fedor as Rich Franklin is tired of the clinch

  • kermit.01 says:

    Woah look at the guy back row left……His head is Gigantic!

  • kermit.01 says:

    Ok, I just looked up a pic Hong Man Choi, since I’ve never seen the guy fight and he’s the dude with the big head……man I’m gonna have nightmares about him…

  • Pontus says:

    All the other heavyweight fighters look like 155ers next to Choi in that pic…

  • Da Twin says:

    Fedor is a bitch for ageeing to a fight a nobody “Giant”! He knows that he’s not gonna be undefeated for much longer so i guess he wants another meaningless win. If your the best then u gotta a least fight worthy opponents! I thought he was a bitch if his 1st fight was gonna be Monson or Pedro R, now fight this giant i think he’s a pussy bitch!!! And if it is his mangement then he’s still a puss for not firing those dumb asses that are just looking out for themself and not whats best for Fedor and staying #1

  • miken says:

    a real contender? or a real can? There are a lot of worse people that Fedor could fight (and has fought). AND… HMC is still undefeated in MMA! 😛

  • Xavier says:

    Fedor is the ultimate can. That black guy on YouTube was right.

  • Mr.ThePlague says:

    That giant fucking noggin is just a bigger target for LeBanner to beat into pulp.

  • Prozac For All says:

    One of the event’s prelim fights is Choi’s left nut vs Chase Beebe. He’s that big.

  • marshal says:

    I headbutting were still legal Choi would OWN!

  • LR says:

    I mentioned this on my blog quite some time ago, but I’ll reiterate an interesting point.

    Lebanner is a monster and an unbelievably powerful puncher. It’s possible that he could displace Choi’s tumor into his cerebellum. If Choi manages to win, Semmy Schilt could be next, another tall, huge, powerful guy who has been very successful in K-1, but not MMA. Choi has a tough road ahead.

  • ilostmydog says:

    It’s not a real big deal IMO. Even if he gets his head knocked into next week, they’ll still have him fight on NYE.

  • Swedish Guy says:

    The K-1 event is going to be completely awesome. The finals have never looked this good and I’m excited like a catholic priest in an elementary school.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    yeah im hoping Hong Man Kong gets mauled and has to be replaced with someone better. i know its nice to make an easy buck but i wanna see fedor fight a contender.

    questions for all/lowblow: would you rather have a Hong Man Choi head or a beetlejuice head? for mma and every day life. i honestly cant pick one. im torn.

  • kermit.01 says:

    “Even if he gets his head knocked into next week, they’ll still have him fight on NYE.”

    What you should have said was

    Even if he gets his head knocked into next week, he’ll still have part of his head in last Thursday because he has a huge melon!

  • Mr.ThePlague says:

    At least Choi’s face is basically a large version of a normal human’s. Beet is crazy looking with the giant teeth and bulgy eyes. So, Choi by a longshot.

  • Matto says:

    Dude, K-1 doesn’t give a shit that Choi has a tumour the size of my foot growing under his brain, do you think they give a shit about him fighting twice in a few months?

    Man am I disappointed with this fight. Fuck the techno goliath and fuck Fedor for taking a stupid fight.