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One-armed fighter Nick Newell is now 6-0

Everyone makes a big deal about what Matt Hamill has had to overcome in order to be a successful fighter and athlete. Well, Hamill should be downright ASHAMED to take his seat on the short bus, collect his disability check, or be spoon-fed by hot nurses compared to Nick Newell. Newell is 6-0, has finished all his fights in the first round, and only let one of his opponents survive longer than two minutes. And he has one fucking arm. InsideMMA’s Ron Kruck did a video short on Newell last week that would make just about anyone’s balls ascend with feelings of inadequacy.

Last weekend, Newell beat Denis Hernandez at XFC 15 in Tampa, Florida. He won by the world’s most literal interpretation of the term “heel hook”, as he used his left arm stump as a hook to twist his opponent’s heel until he tapped. In case a further punchline is desired, you can listen to Michael “The Voice” Schiavello’s commentary on HDNet, as he said that Newell received a “huge freakin’ ovation”.

The actual fight after the jump

  • Jericco1181 says:

    More like 1 and a half armed fighter.

    I don’t like shit like this, MMA isn’t supposed to be a charity this guy would get murdered my anyone decent.

  • agentsmith says:

    Didn’t Dr. Richard Kimble catch this guy?

  • SkippyKid says:

    Ya. Kimble got him but took him a while.

    He had to sneak into the hospital and everything.

    And his so called “buddy” was behind it the whole time.. some friend that guy was..

  • Reverend Clint says:

    at least he cant clap for his opponent… always thought that was dumb.


  • X says:

    Kimble killed his friend for betraying him.

  • Letibleu says:

    last video he tried to jump onto the top of the cage and fell on his back. I think its one of the UFC tryouts, be able to jump on the top of the cage or do a cool back flip. He wont make it.