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One and done?

Fighters Only has been kicking ass and taking names lately as far as web content goes. Today they’ve got a really good interview up with Affliction VP Tom Atencio where they ask him some very straight forward questions:

What if you start haemorrhaging money?
Well we’re business people first and foremost and I think that anybody that goes into business planning on losing money is just you know… there’s a lot of companies that do that, but personally I don’t.

I’m in business to make money, I’m not in business to lose money. If I break even that’s great, if I make some money, even better. But I mean we are here to be successful we’re not here to lose money and anybody that is, that’s their choice but it’s not mine.

We mentioned the IFL and the WFA; presumably you are aware of the massive potential for failure in MMA promotion?
Oh absolutely I would be a fool if I wasn’t. But if you look at the polls on Sherdog and everywhere else,   everybody seems to be gearing towards watching our event. Unfortunately the economy is not doing very well right now, but based on the card it speaks volumes of what we are going to do.

Anything more you can tell us about Affliction’s future plans?
I would say… If the first three shows go OK, then the sky’s the limit! (laughs)

So we’ve got the VP saying he’s not interested in losing money, which is a far cry from the general understanding of how to break into the upper echelon of MMA: you’ve gotta spend a lot of money before you start (maybe) making some money back. You’ve also got him looking at Sherdog like it’s some kind of indication of how his event is going to do in the real world. Last but not least, he’s basically revealed that they’ve got a three event business plan – that’s a pretty short timeframe to make an impact and start bringing in money, especially with the kind of cash they’re spending.

I’ve tried to lay off Affliction over the past months because if they wanna lose a ton of money that’s their prerogative and I’m perfectly fine reaping the benefits of their blood, sweat, money, and eventual tears. But when their VP talks like this, or brings up their mastermind plan to promote their events at ‘Buckle’ stores, I just can’t resist piping up and asking what kinda crack these guys are smoking.

I wish Affliction the best of luck, because they’re really the only chance we have of seeing Fedor vs Barnett any time soon or Barnett in the US at all. But I have a feeling their promotion is a dreamship fueled with gumdrops and fairydust. After this weekend, will that ship crash into the Shit Sea of Reality? And will Tom and his gang of t-shirt makers escape on their unicorns or will they be used as examples in a some university business class on what NOT to do?