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On second thought, yes they are fired.

First Tamdan McCrory and Thales Leites were fired, and then Dana decided they weren’t and said he’d hire them back. What a happy ending to that story, huh? But not so fast!

News of the move to drop the men surfaced on Thursday. But late Thursday, White told Yahoo! Sports they had been dropped but that he would “fix” it and that they would not be cut.

However, after discussing the move internally on Friday, White changed his mind and opted to let Leites and McCrory go.

“We are cutting them,” White said Friday afternoon.

Seems to me like Dana was trying to play good guy but was reminded sternly that all the useless crap needed to be trimmed out of the roster at every opportunity to make room for all the guys they brought in from Affliction and all the dudes they allegedly want to steal from Strikeforce. The UFC is currently WAY over the number of fighters it can keep on the roster if they want everyone to fight three times a year. I have some advice for all the middle of the pack guys with fights coming up: don’t lose, because the UFC needs to cut a bunch of guys, and you don’t want to give them even the slightest excuse to trim you.