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The negotiation problems between Fedor and Strikeforce have caused hardcore MMA fans to ask a slew of different questions. Questions like: “Is the motive really just to get more M1 fighters exposure?” and “Are the Russians being unreasonable, or did Strikeforce actually not live up to the original deal?” and “It’s just about money, isn’t it?” and “Russia, that’s somewhere in Canada, right?” and “Could this in some way open up the door for Fedor to show up in the UFC?” and “Why am I living in my mother’s basement?” and “What did I do with my Star Wars pajamas?”

Another question that I’ve found myself waking up in the middle of the night asking is “What does Aleksander Emelianenko have to say about all of this?”

It appears as though the gods have answered me, through Aleks’ Twitter account of all places. The account isn’t exactly confirmed, but based on the usage of Russian letters (“мы увидим, как оно идет”) and the broken English (“Have you all a nice day”) I would guess it’s legit. Here’s what he had to say:

My brother wants to fight only the best in heavyweight, and I am positive that we will soon see him in the organisation you fans wants:)

What does it mean? Is he talking about the UFC? He’s talking about the UFC, isn’t he? I know he’s talking about the UFC. Anybody? PLEASE! WHAT DOES HE MEAN!? “>HOW’D IT GET BURNED!? HOW’D IT GET BURNED!??! HOW’D IT GET BURRRNNNNNED!??!