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Olympic boxing is corrupt? I am shocked.

I’m not watching the Olympics. If I wanted to watch a bunch of chicks splashing around in a pool I’d go to the one by my house. Well, I would if I wasn’t banned for being a creepo pervert. They can’t police the bushes, though. But in addition to being a home for a ton of lame sports no one cares about, they also took some of the cool sports and totally wussified them. Every time people talk about MMA in the Olympics I point to boxing and say “You wanna see that done to us?”

The last time out, we talked about the controversies with the “countback” scores and the bizarre circumstances surrounding Satoshi Shimizu’s fight with Magomed Abdulhamidov and Ali Mazaheri’s bout with Jose Larduet. The referee in the former was expelled from the games, the latter suspended for five days.

Except, not really. The suspended referee, Frank Scharmach, was a judge not two days later in a fight between India’s Krishan Vikas and America’s Errol Spence, a flat-out robbery that was later overturned by the AIBA.

And things only got worse from there.

The heavyweight quarterfinals yesterday featured not one, but four controversial scores, two particularly egregious.

Siarhei Karneyeu of Belarus lost a 19-19 bout on countback scores despite his opponent constantly, and with no warning or penalty, holding him, a penalty under AIBA rules. Cuba’s Jose Larduet — whose previous bout was also steeped in controversy — was screwed 12-10 against Italy’s Clemente Russo, whose primary tactic was also hugging.

Both the Cuban and Belarusan squads filed appeals and got shot down. And this is despite their main grievance, unpenalized holding, being the reason Spence’s loss to Vikas was overturned.

To cap it all off, both Karneyeu’s opponent and Abdulhamidov are from Azerbaijan. Just last year, there were reports that the nation had paid $9 million to AIBA in exchange for two gold medals in London. The allegations were deemed untrue, but it’s hard to put aside the notion of corruption after such blatant and inexplicable nonsense.

Ah, the Olympics. Such a pure expression of international cooperation. More boxing madness here, here, and here.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    It sounds like you think Olympic MMA is about winning medals – it’s not. It’s about creating a larger training ground for fighters to get training and experience. Fuck the judges.

    I’m tired of so fucking many worthless fighters with no tools other than being a former wrestler. Buncha fucking electricians with no gear, no electrical knowledge, but they can climb a ladder and crawl under a desk. Christ.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    you would have to be an idiot to watch Olympic boxing anyways

  • Letibleu says:

    i saw this little cuban guy steamroll through everyone. He is in a class of his own. he has 2 fights left to win gold, im watching it as i type. The rest of the fighters look like they are average and sparring. The cuban guy almost took a brits head off even with fluff gloves and headgear.

  • Letibleu says:

    looks like the united states are gonna get no medals in boxing this olympic

  • Oontyex says:

    olympic boxing is only for amateur fighters though – would be different if it were pros.
    Im not into boxing at all, but would love to see the best mma fighters go for it on a world stage – would take away the ‘human cockfighting’ vibe from the haters

  • Reverend Clint says:

    im kind of tired of these old french fags who run the IOC anyways. Usain Bolt cant bring a jump rope in the stadium because its “the rules” and the american gymnast gor 4th because of some dumb as rule that allows a shittier performance to be tossed out, the only sport where its allowed.

  • voice of reason says:


    the uk crowd was absolutely behind the jap, they were shouting his name and booing the azerbaijian.

    when the fight wasn’t stopped in rd3 we thought ‘wtf’ but thought jap should win anyway.

    then results announced and everyone was WTFing, the azerbaijian literally COULDN’T WALK ON HIS OWN he was holding on to his team as he got out of the stadium, worse than a piss-drunk guy, got knocked down 5 times or smth.

    then it got worse. the jap was behind till rd3, but he lost by 2 pts, we thought ‘was he THAT far behind?’ rd3 was likes shogun, with 5 knockdowns so jap should’ve won.

    Came home, checked the scores. Turns out the judges gave the azerbaijian 10 FUCKING POINTS in rd3…. for getting destroyed. that’s like shogun beating jones 50-30. when i found out i knew…. it’s not ‘bad judging’ like in mma, it was 100% fucking fixed.

    obv that part was bullshit, but the fight itself was the best part of the night.