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Old Man Hendo talks TRT

No one knows for sure how many MMA fighters are using Testosterone Replacement Therapy to ‘keep their levels up’, but one guy who’s treatment is out of the bag is Dan Henderson. With Chael Sonnen and Nate Marquardt popping for the same thing, it’s become an interesting topic of conversation and Dan spoke a few words with ESPN about it:

“My levels were so low they were off the charts,” Henderson told “I was always tired and getting sick a lot.

“I couldn’t even tell you [how to abuse it]. I’ve never gone above normal ranges. All I know is that I’m not as tired and I don’t get as sick as I used to.”

According to Henderson’s understanding of the treatment, a patient of TRT typically never exceeds “normal” testosterone levels, as was the case with Marquardt in Pennsylvania.

Although he’s not officially required to monitor his testosterone levels when not in competition, Henderson says he does to regularly as a precaution.

“I always do it on my own just to cover my own ass,” Henderson said.

Even though Henderson monitors his own levels, never, he says, has the commission randomly tested him away from a fight.

“The only time people get monitored now is at the fights,” Henderson said. “I think it might be good to have stricter monitoring where people are getting tested throughout the year.”

Stricter monitoring from New Jersey is how they caught Marquardt above the acceptable limit, so it’s nice to know some commissions just aren’t going to rubber stamp the procedure. A TRT exemption is basically carte blanche to inject steroids and if no one is testing except on fight night there’s no way to know how juicy shit is getting between fights.

  • G Funk says:

    Interestingly enough, my father just recently started seeing a doctor about his low T levels and just began a program to bring his body to normal levels this week. INJECTIONS ARE NOT APART OF THE PROGRAM. He uses some cremes multiple times per day and takes a pill sparingly as directed. He’s over fifty and I’m sure has lower levels than these fighters.


  • whitebelt says:

    Just ban TRT. If you don’t naturally produce enough test to train and fight at the elite level for whatever reason then tough shit. What if I had a condition that made the bones in my hands weaker than normal so they fractured all the time. How about letting me put plaster in my hand wraps so that my hands would be back to normal strength. Sound a little ridiculous? Well, so does allowing a fighter to use TRT.

  • Sodomize Intolerance says:

    Agreed with G Funk.  Most treatments use methods to raise your natural levels of Test.  There’s a natural cap for Test in the body that can essentially be achieved by taking simple tribulus from a GNC.  Steroid injections of synthetic testosterone essentially eliminate your body’s way of regulating your level and allow you to blast your Test levels off the chart (Goddamn are the results sweet).  You don’t inject for medical purposes.

    These athletes will not build the kind of muscle they have if they’ve had low Test all this time.  In the Sonnen/Marquardt they must have had this almost their whole lives considering they’re like fucking 30.

    If Test wasn’t important in muscle building, then why is the cap of WMMA 145 lbs?  Cris Cyborg is same goddamn height as Rousimar Palhares.  Swish that around in your mouth for a while.  How does it taste?  It tastes like bullshit.

    It’s so fucking likely that these guys juiced, didn’t know how to run postcycle, and their balls shrank to raisins.  lrn2clomid, morons.  And if your Test really was a problem growing up, lrn2arimidex during your juice cycle, morons.  Then you wouldn’t be in this jam.  Goddamn Sonnen is a moron.

  • frickshun says:

    ^^Wow. Somebody knows about stuff.

    I drink fruit juice to get strong.

  • G Funk says:

    ^ Is that what you’re calling semen these days?

  • frickshun says:

    Nope. That just gives me a shiny coat.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    i could use some… im tired and irritable

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    I’m tired, irritable and clearly can’t be a pro athlete without it – so I surely need it.

  • frickshun says:

    ^^Nope. You just can’t get laid.