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Old > Fat

Ken Shamrock rose like a phoenix from the ashes last night, returning with an amazing performance and defeating a worthy opponent. NOT! Here’s the MMA Fanhouse:

Shamrock punched Clifton at the start of the fight to knock him to the ground, then put him in an arm bar and submitted him. It was, mercifully, short and quick.

Shamrock weighed in at 205 pounds, while Clifton weighed in at 380. The official write-up at Sherdog, which streamed the fight, says, “the size advantage didn’t help Clifton at all.” That’s an utterly ridiculous thing to say; simply having an extra couple hundred pounds of body fat doesn’t give Clifton a “size advantage.” Clifton is a big, fat slob, and that’s why Shamrock chose him as an opponent: Shamrock was on a five-fight losing streak and wanted someone he knew he could beat.

Props to Midsy for calling a spade a spade and a fat fuck a fat fuck. Too many websites refused to acknowledge the fact that this fight was a complete farce.

(photo courtest of Sherdog)