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Okay, NOW I can hate on Arianny’s new song

I bet everyone was pretty surprised when I said the remix of Arianny Celeste’s first single ‘Fight to Love Me’ wasn’t big bowl of shit stew. Yeah, I know I’m the go to guy for crusty hate, but I figured since everyone else was gonna irrationally flame it (because they hate the music genre or the idea of uppity octagon girls), I’d instead give the tune an honest assessment.

It’s not my cuppa, but it wasn’t shit. If it was played alongside the current top 20 house hits, I doubt anyone would pick it out and deride it for it’s inferior quality. The production quality is fine, the vocals sound good … these aren’t opinions, they’re technical facts.

On the other hand, this other version of the song that’s featured above is what the French would call “La merde hors de l’anus directement dans mes oreilles.” Cheap sounding, out of tune GARBAGE. I can only hope it’s another remix and not the ‘main mix’, because this is about as pleasant to listen to as a fire alarm.