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Okami’s sponsors vetoed Chael Sonnen’s attendance at UFC Rio

A few days ago the news leaked that Chael Sonnen wouldn’t be making his way down to Brazil. According to MMA Junkie, it isn’t because of the lynching mob. It isn’t because of Chael’s overly anal parole officer either. So who had beef?

Sonnen said a major sponsor of Okami’s requested he not attend the pay-per-view event, which takes place Saturday at Rio’s HSBC Arena.

A source with knowledge of the situation told ( that Praetorian, a Brazil-based MMA brand, threatened to pull the Japanese fighter’s sponsorship if Sonnen attended.

“There’s a line of people that want to kick his ass,” the source said.

I guess having some white guy in a Praetorian shirt calling Brazilians pygmy savages wasn’t quite what the company had in mind when they decided to sponsor Yushin Okami. They paid to get their logo on an ass, but that’s not what they meant! *ba dum derp*

(pic via the always entertaining