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Okami injured, Cote’s execution moved forward

As mentioned in Roxy’s first post on Fightlinker, Yushin Okami recently returned to training after a long break due to a broken hand. But now it looks like he might have come back too early, or maybe he didn’t drink enough milk (or soy, or bamboo goo, or whatever Japanese people drink for calcium). Because Okami has re-injured his hand: has learned that UFC middleweight fighter Yushin Okami has recently suffered a broken hand and thus a potential title fight pitting Okami and Anderson Silva, once thought to be slated for September or October, has now been put on hold.

We’ve also learned that if Silva leaves the Octagon tomorrow night without any major injuries there are plans to book Patrick Cote as his next opponent, possibly this Fall as well.

I’m not exactly the biggest Yushin Okami fan in the world, but at least the dude had a legitimate claim for a title shot. And while he was most likely going to meet the same fate as everyone else who has faced Anderson Silva, at least the concept itself that he might might might win wasn’t something that made people laugh out loud like with Patrick Cote.