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Ohio to witness another Gurgel extravaganza

If there’s one thing you can count on with the UFC, it’s that every time they come within a few hundred miles of Cincinnati, they’ll throw Jorge Gurgel on the card. Jorge is like one of those small yappy dogs that doesn’t realize they’re small … he’s willing to fight anyone, regardless of how badly he’ll get destroyed.

I was at UFC 77 in Cincinnati when Alvin Robinson pounded on Gurgel for three straight rounds, and it wasn’t pretty. But it WAS entertaining! Well, at least it was for out of towners like me and Jake. Everyone else looked like they were watching their best friend get stabbed in the neck at a Burger King. Gurgel’s got fans for weeks in Ohio, so it doesn’t surprise me that the UFC brings him back whenever they’re around, despite his questionable skills.

To me, Alvin Robinson seemed like a gimme for Gurgel … the UFC equivalent of a nice softball their boy could knock out of the park. Kenny Florian dismantled Robinson like a marine dismantles his gun: disturbingly quick. The fact that Gurgel couldn’t get past him was not a good sign. Next up on the softball express is John Halverson, who lost to Roger Huerta in 17 seconds but doesn’t have too shabby of a record in the minors.

It’s funnny – Gurgel has better success when he slugs it out like a retard. It was when he tried to use a standard jiu-jitsu gameplan that he got creamed by Robinson. Okay … sure he takes a licking every time he steps into the ring. But he didn’t look too bad in his loss to Mark Hominick and actually managed to win his other two fights. So here’s hoping this jiu jitsu guy goes in and tries to slug it out again … either way, it’s always fun watching Gurgel in action.

  • Kid Nate says:

    Alvin Robinson is totally underranked — I picked him to beat Jorge due to Gurgel’s bad ring generalship.
    You’re also misremembering the fight — Gurgel actually dominated the first round using JJ — he just forgot to do any ground and pound or get a submission — he was acting like he was scoring points by getting the mount.

  • stellar53 says:

    I am originally from Ohio and I can’t stand Gurgel….he seems a bit ghey to be in the UFC…It is really uninspiring watching him fight….

  • dignan says:

    Kid Nate:

    Please forgive him for misremembering. I also misremembered, since it was so difficult to get past the serious ass whooping he took in the final two rounds.

    He truly got beat! I still can’t believe that Franklin let that punching bag anywhere near him on his way out to the ring. Gurgel is nothing but a guy who likes to see his ugly ass mug on TV.

    I have always disliked him…but will take the opinion that I LOVE to watch that fool take a beating. Why would anyone want to train or be trained by him after watching his embarrassing displays.

    His face was fucking purple.

  • Accomando says:

    Gurgel get’s beat on a lot because he is a lightweight with a cranium the size of a heavyweights. Too easy of a target.

  • Asa says:

    It rather like punching a 5-foot tall baby in the head.

  • Thomas says:

    UFC should book him aganist Anderson Silva…

  • Kid Nate says:

    It was a total and delightful asswhipping for sure, just wanted to point out it wasn’t completely one sided — and if Gurgel had fought smart and mean he could’ve won in the first.

  • kermit.01 says:

    You always pull for the local boy…..I was at 77 cheering for him and I’ll be pulling for him come March..

    Hey Linker, you guys gonna Bus it again or you gonna save some money and buy a plane ticket this time?

  • I can totally see why they keep bringing Jorge back in OH, like you said he’s got a huge following there. He owns like half the jiu jitsu schools in the state, so its a given.

    I think one of Gurgel’s biggest probelms is that he simply has way too many things on this plate. You can’t be a great fighter, run a huge multi-country network of schools, and try to properly train top teir MMA fighters. His trying to do way more than any one person can, under any circumstances, and it has definately affected his career, and unfortunately the careers of his trainees, the most prominent example being Rich Franklin.

    Even if he dropped the extracircular endeavors and focused on actually improving his fighting career, I still don’t see the guy ever going very far in the rankings anyways. He should consider retiring and focusing on something he could actually be very successful at- in training fighters and running quality gyms.

  • dignan says:


    Half of the bjj schools in the state??? Is there actually more than 1? or 2 for that matter?

    I will actually say the only positive thing I have ever said about Jorge Gurgel next:

    That guy can take a wicked beating.

  • karat3 says:

    maby gurgel should go back to getting leglocked in 30seconds by some 145lbs fighters insted of fighting on ufc cards.

  • Mr.ThePlague says:

    Quite an impressive bjj gameplan the guy has-
    “Hmm I think I’ll go for an armbar…No that didn’t work, how bout an armbar…Darn! well I guess I’ll try an armbar…Shit!…”

  • No more bus, we’re flying next time!

  • Prozac For All says:

    Gurgel is the most overrated fighter since Sean Gannon. He can barely grapple a turd out of his own ass. I don’t care if he’s Rich “A-bomb Fodder” Franklin’s JJ coach, he’s about as likable as a Kevin Federline. He’s got heart though, I can admit that. And he’s awesome at putting on 3 round epic battles vs C-level opponents.

  • Ryan says:

    Holy crap, why all the Gurgel hate? Has the man done something to really piss you guys off?

    If it’s claiming he’s really good, it’s pretty lame to get pissed at him… all fighters think they’re “good,” otherwise they wouldn’t be fighting. If it’s because he’s overrated, please praytell who ranked him so highly? I’ve never seen Jorge in a single top 10, or top 20… if it’s simply becaues he was on TUF and is therefore more popular than his skills merit, that applies to like 95% of the TUF cast.

    Have people here actually seen his fights against Abaddi and Saraiva? They were both entertaining as hell…

    So what if he’s a pretty boy that shaves notches in his eyebrows? Oh well, can’t please everyone.

  • kentyman says:

    It looks like he’s doing a bad Elvis impression in that picture.