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Ohio says no to Sylvia / Sims

(Tim Sylvia during his salad days. And is that Anderson Silva next to him during his twinkie days?)

Remember that blip of news a month ago where Tim Sylvia tweeted he was going to be rematching Wes Sims in March on another one of his manager Monte Cox’s cards? We thought the fight was a pretty big joke, and it looks like the Ohio State Athletic Commission thought so too. They’ve canned the fight, which is the second Tim Sylvia matchup in a row that’s had issues getting sanctioned – the last one being that awesome Ray Mercer fight that ended up happening in Alabama.

But sadly there will be no relocation and possible epic embarrassment / mandatory Rascal ride for Sylvia this time. Instead of evading the short arm of the OAC (which is what we’re still doing), Monte Cox decided to play some matchmaking musical chairs, putting Wes Sims against TUF2 contestant Kerry Schall. Fun fact: Kerry’s only two wins in the past 4 years both came via disqualification. And Timmy? He’ll be facing Branden Lee Hinkle, who isn’t quite a can but can never seems to win any of his big fights either.

It’s time to take a moment and throw out a big ‘WTF?’ over how Tim Sylvia’s career has been managed these past few years. Leaving the UFC to fight Fedor was a dubious business decision to begin with (even for the retarded amount of money it netted him), but the wheels have really fallen off his career with that lol-tastic Mercer loss and this constant stream of lame opponents. I know Monte Cox is working on a Japan deal, but they’ve been dicking him around for months now and don’t seem all that interested. Maybe while Team Sylvia waiting for that stuff to pan out, they should take some fights that try to negate the whole “Tim is a joke” rep he’s earned instead of ones that further propagate it.