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Oh yeah, that Sherk Steroids thing

I had completely forgotten about all this happening today:

UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk (Pictures), who was suspended for one year after testing positive for Nandrolone Metabolites following his victory over Hermes Franca (Pictures) at UFC 73 on July 7, had his suspension reduced to six months on Tuesday, reports editor Josh Gross.

The California State Athletic Commission upheld a fine of $2500. Sherk, 34, will be eligible to return to the Octagon in January.

Of course, you know what this means: Sherk is still considered guilty. If Dana White sticks to what he said he’d do, he’ll officially strip Sherk of the belt, and Stevenson/Penn will be a title fight, with Sherk getting a shot as soon as possible.

Of course, who knows what Dana’s gonna do. He seems to think interim belts are all fine and dandy, and if Sherk squeals and whines enough I don’t doubt Daddy Dana will let baby keep his belt. I mean, who gives a fuck about the fans and what they think, right? And who needs to send a strong message to people that steroid use isn’t tolerated in the UFC? Not Dana. No, not Dana one bit indeed at all barbecue.

  • marshal says:

    mmm steak…

  • Big D D says:

    More LnP boooo

  • Dru Down says:

    Wow- a sixth month reduction. No one saw that one coming.

    This really makes the two delays and months of research seem a little uneccesary. Why does the CSAC even bother reviewing these cases? Obviously the policy is: if you protest, you get your suspension reduced by half. If you don’t, the suspension stands. They should just publish this on their website and save everyone a lot of time.

  • KilerBootsMan says:

    Shroid should be tested randomly from now on.

  • Does that include the six months he’s already done?

  • Dru Down says:

    “Does that include the six months he’s already done?”

    Yes- that is considered time served, and he’ll be done with his suspension in January.

  • Sherk mentioned on HDNet’s Inside MMA that Dana would have to break into his home to get the belt back if they found him guilty.

  • fightfan says:

    What a waste of fuckin time!!

    Dru Down said it best up there. Why even go through the process. If you make a big stink about it you still are guilty but get sentence reduced in half.

    No matter what, NO athletic commission will EVER overturn, or find a fighter NOT guilty after failing a test.


  • Mobb Deep says:

    Sherk should be stripped. But if hes not, I won’t be that mad, cause I’ll get to see BJ Penn (we all know how he feels about steriods) beat the shit out of Sherk and take his belt. Come to think of it, Fuck it, let him keep the belt and have him fight Penn, that would be an awesome grudge match.

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    With what happened to Sean Taylor, not a good time to be daring people to break into your house….

  • i think ur all stupid!!! know one knows! sean has so much evidence for his case that was not heard its garbage! obviously there is a problem with this testing!! all u nay sayers eat shit!

  • Jersey Tomato says:


    You talkin’ to me? Are you talkin’ to me?!?!

    I can’t wait to see Sherk get dominated in his next match (whenever that will be) now that he has been found to be a steroid user. Who knows, perhaps he will even enter the octagon with a neck. That assumes, of course, he does not simply switch over to HGH which is the M.O. of most dedicated juicers these days. I hope Penn wins the belt and then sticks to his word, refusing to fight the little cheater. Serves him right! If he were here right now, I would smack him in his cauliflower ear and tell him get the hell of of my house.

    I bet you think Barry Bonds was railroaded too, you fool.

  • Ryan says:

    Everyone is forgetting what this also says about fighters who come clean: Hermes Franca admitted he did roids, received a whopping 1 year.

    Sherk had an impossible amount of roids in his body to be from “natural” or “contaminated” sources, denies he did it, and gets off (basically) scot-free.

  • schmengee says:

    Study: Steroids Found in Supplements
    Report Out Today Says Traces of Banned Drugs Found in Sports Supplements

  • Mobb Deep says:

    Is that you Sean Sherk^^^

  • Welcome to 2002 … everyone knows that there’s a serious problem with tainted supplements.

  • schmengee says:

    All they way back to 2002 FL?!? Thanks for dropping some knowledge! And after taking a quick look back to 02, Sherk’s head must have grown at least 6 sizes since he belted HR #500 thanks to those tainted suppliments he was throwing down his pie hole!

    The USA Today report proves nothing, add’s nothing, and human error doesn’t exist (at least in CA). Fuck Sherk and his tainted suppliments! On a side note, Iole just reported that Sherk just named his teddy bear mohammed…

  • Well, average joe probably doesn’t know about supplement tainting but anyone who actually uses them does. Anyone who’s using more than 3 or 4 different supplements should definitely know better. It’s a good think supplement tainting is getting some press because maybe someone will step in and regulate that shit so you don’t have to worry that you’re getting FUCKING DRUGGED by supplement companies.