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Oh the tiny humanity!

We love to give other MMA websites a hard time, it’s kinda what we’re all about. One of the regular things we do is call people out for selling out or setting the sport back. This amuses us because getting served on shit like that by us is like being called a potty mouth by Dana White.

To prove the point that we are total hypocrites, here’s some hardcore midget cage fighting. And this isn’t some pansy shit like the ‘fake’ stuff we featured before. These guys are kicking the literal shit out of eachother and even dropping some nuts on neck action 1:40 in a la Rich Clementi.

  • Archivist says:

    Dang, that was awkward.

  • kentyman says:

    Orange robot could whoop all these fools.

  • operator says:

    That one midget that slammed the other one at 2:10 was the most muscular midget I have ever seen. I’m guessing they don’t test those little guys. Too bad they’re fighting in a bird cage. I got no problem watching midget mma as long as it is real and not some wwe shit. Midgets have every right to get in there and beat the shit out of eachother too. The giants are more likely to get seriously hurt than them with their tumors and all. You can tell the crowed is into it.

  • kentyman says:

    Can they even close guard?

  • Archivist says:

    Good point, kentyman. Not like i was expecting a gogoplata festival but the physical limits of their anatomy must reduce the repertoire of actually feasible moves to what we saw in that clip

  • suspiria says:

    I was wondered what it would look like if a grown man was skull fucked by a midget.

  • miken says:

    operator: Thats what I’m sayin! If those guys put in the time and train and pay their dues like everyone else, they deserve a chance to fight as well. They get to fight, they have a chance for fame and fortune, and we get a good show out of it. Unfortunately (?) there aren’t really that many of them relative to normal sized people, so the amount who would a) even want to fight, and b) out of those who do want to fight, have a strong enough desire to actually dedicate themselves to training would be a really low number I think.

    And would they have weight classes? Cause that would divide the pool of dedicated fighting dwarves even further. But I do think they should get weight classes.. because some of those guys (like the skull fucker) are definitely a lot heavier than some of the smaller guys. I don’t see how there could be more than 2 or 3 weight classes though unless there are some really skinny ass midgets out there.

    Ah well. I guess I’ll just have to dream about legitimate MMMA.

  • Roxy says:

    Wow. Well, why not? If they’re seriously trying to do the sport? Great?

    Not too many weight class options there.

  • Michael says:

    That was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • #1 jackal says:

    hey operator. that midget wasnt the most muscular midget i have ever seen. have you ever seen shawn sherk before?? :)

  • kentyman says:

    Wow. Well, why not? If they’re seriously trying to do the sport? Great?

    Love that last question mark.