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OH SHIT ALERT: Affliction Trilogy just got effed

With Affliction’s next event only a little over a week away, Josh Barnett might not be stepping into the ring to face the world’s top heavyweight after all. From Sherdog:

Multiple sources have told that the California State Athletic Commission will not license Josh Barnett after a positive result on a pre-fight test. Calls to the California State Athletic Commission and Affliction Entertainment were not immediately returned. Barnett said he had not been notified of any issues with his eligibility as of Tuesday evening.

The utter disaster this will be for Affliction cannot be understated. They have been promoting this event for months and now, a week before the event is set to go, the main event is getting completely shit on. Let this be a lesson to all you kids out there: don’t use “performance enhancing drugs” (see: steroids). Unless of course you are a skinny little bitch, are having trouble breaking your plateau in the gym, your friends are doing them, or you are a professional athlete who needs to get an edge up on the competition. In any of those instances, by all means, go ahead. Just make sure you know how to beat those pesky tests.

As for replacement opponents, the two potential names are Vitor Belfort and Bobby Lashley. Both men have bigger name value with the casual fans than Barnett does, but neither is as big a test for Fedor. While Belfort is a seasoned veteran and perennial contender with dangerous hands, he has been training over the past few months to compete at 185 pounds a week from now. By fight time, the Russian would outweigh the Brazilian by a considerable margin. Lashley, on the other hand, is far too inexperienced to be stepping into the ring with the most highly regarded heavyweight in the history of the sport. A fight with the former WWE wrestler would be almost on par with Fedor’s freakshow fights against Hong Man Choi and Zuluhzino.

Tom Atencio just got kicked directly in the babymaking sack — metaphorically speaking, that is. I wonder how long it takes before Dana and Lorenzo get drunk and call up Atencio’s house just to laugh hysterically into the phone.