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Oh no he didn’t!

Antonio Bigfoot Silva has officially decided to say “Fuck the CSAC” and will be fighting for Sengoku in Japan on January 4th:

When Silva, Davis and attorney Howard Jacobs appealed the suspension on the grounds that it was a “false positive,” the CSAC voted unanimously to uphold the ban. Said Davis:

“Antonio has decided to fight, he really has no option. He’s innocent, he’s tried to prove it and it fell on unwilling ears, and he has financial commitments that to not meet would have serious consequences for him. In light of these, he has decided to continue his career in Japan until when and if his situation with the CSAC is resolved.”

This basically means he’s gonna have his fighter’s license revoked by the CSAC, effectively banning him from fighting in North America until the comes back and faces the commission again. That being said, I can’t actually think of a fighter who’s done this who really had too much trouble getting re-liscenced afterwards. The best example I can think of is Vitor Belfort, who was suspended by Nevada for a year but went to fight in the UK a few months later. He was added onto Affliction’s first card in California with no issues at all.